Monday, August 29, 2011

Hodge Podge

Since we were at the beach for almost a week, there are a bunch of photos from the weeks before that I haven't gotten around to posting yet.  Before they all slip my mind completely, I figured I'd put the mish mash of randomness up here today in a series of fun facts...

1) Niall would rather sit by the side of the pool, reading the latest issue of "Thomas and Friends" catalogue than actually get in the pool.

2) But he likes beaches, child pools, and fountains.  Obvi.

 3) Sometimes Niall likes to follow (mainly Jack)...

and sometimes, he's a solitary man...

4) Niall loves watching trucks and cars drive by... especially with daddy.

5) It is no longer worth it try to make lunch dates with my friends- Niall will not sit still for more than 5 minutes.  Case closed.  I smiled for the picture anyway, but as you can see, Niall was not interested in sugar coating his crankiness.

6) And who doesn't like to repeatedly jump on their grandpa's stomach until he can't breathe?

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  1. I like everything, EXCEPT the no more lunch plans with friends thing! ;)

  2. These are great! A few things - (1) sorry Irene cut your vacation short :( Did you get hit at home? We lucked out - only lost power for about an hour. (2) Is that PREGNANT you in the bathing suit? You look fantastic, you tiny thing! (3) Nate is not a fan of sitting still either. Crayons occupy him for all of five minutes at the restaurant. Usually not that much to go out. He seems to be getting better - hopefully this stage will pass for both of them. (4)LOVE the jumping on Grandpa pics!

  3. Oh my gosh Niall is getting so big! Where has the time gone?! Great pictures :)


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