Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Few Discoveries

It has only taken about 2 years to figure it out, but I finally feel like I know a few insider secrets about being a mom...

1) You can't control the bewitching hour.  But you can beat your kids at their own game.  Every night, starting at 5:30, when I'm trying to tidy up and start dinner, Niall becomes a "Stage 5 Clinger"-- whining incessantly and clinging to my leg, howling "MaaaMaaaaa!!!"  Toys don't work, but letting your kid "do the seasoning for dinner" does...

**Note: be sure the caps are tightly screwed on... another lesson learned

2) Some kids are just injury prone.  I've stopped getting upset when we have to change our plans to go to the doctor's almost once a week.  I just try to leave some room on the calendar to pencil in "urgent care" every 10 days or so.  If Niall isn't struck with illness, he's massively injured himself.  From splinters that take days to pull out... to stitches in the lip... to an entire side of the face mangled from falling at the park... you just have to hope that people believe you when you swear that you are not beating your kid.

3) Sometimes it's not worth a fight.  Even though I usually end up with 3 less credit cards than I started with, I have learned that when Niall is in one of his... "determined" moods, it is easier to let him tear our wallets apart than to tell him he can't have it. 

Sometimes he wants to play with a stick that is bigger than his entire body... and though my first instinct is to say "No, no, Niall" and explain why he can't have it, I say "Sure, cowboy, you show that stick who's boss."  I try to give Niall boundaries and I think I do a pretty good job, but sometimes you just have to give in.

That's all I got for now.  Do you have any secrets for raising a toddler??  

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  1. Niall looks like such a big boy in these pictures! I don't have any secrets, but I've started using a new shameful trick. Every day Nate wakes up from his nap and is in full melt down mode. I offer his things, I leave him alone, nothing seems to work...except ice cream and ice pops. He miraculously snaps out of it when I ask him if he wants one of the above. Horrible!

  2. I agree, Niall is looking like such a big boy these days! I'm going to have to try giving John spices. He went from whiny and a little annoying during that very same time of day to full fledged freaking out every minute that I'm not holding him! At 38 weeks now, holding him is getting uncomfortable to say the least...

    These tips made me smile - especially the wallet. All too familiar :)


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