Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come On, Irene

Man, oh man.  Looks like this cheeky little lady named Irene is going to (literally) storm in and ruin my week at the beach.  How could she think it would be ok to break up this party?...

What's up with all these natural disasters anyway?  I was pretty shocked and excited to experience my first earthquake while I was sitting right there in my beach chair.  I felt my chair swaying back and forth, and I kept turning around to see if there was a little kid pulling on it.  Even though it was weird, I just went about my business.  10 minutes later, my sis-in-law informed me that we had just experienced a 5.8 earthquake!

We've had so much fun these last few days.  I had no idea what a beach bum Niall would be this year.  The last time we went was April, so he's really changed a lot since then.  He'll sit with his shovels and "DUMP TWUCKS!!!" for hours, just piling the sand in there and then dumping it back out.  Over. and over. and over.  It just never gets old for this guy.

So it will be sad when we have to leave either tomorrow or Friday.  We're trying to wait it out and see when everyone is evacuating.  It's supposed to hit either Saturday or Sunday, so we're hoping we can leave Friday night.  That will give us 2 more days of fun in the sun... and, more importantly, Dickey's frozen custard:

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