Monday, July 18, 2011

Flow Rider

A few disclaimers before you view this video:

  • this escapade takes place on a large piece of open farm land that has no roads or cars or potential obstacles within miles
  • the car is moving about 5 miles per hour
  • Matt is not purposely punching the rosary dangling from the rearview mirror; he was just fist pumping to the music
  • We don't usually blare aggressive Beyonce songs... with or without Niall in the car

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  1. LOVE it! He is just the cutest. I love how serious he was while driving :)


  2. LOL! Love your disclaimer. Particularly the fist pumping and aggressive Beyonce music part. Niall is so cute. What a dream come true for any little kid!!

  3. hahahaha laughed so hard at this! LOVE IT!

    too cute

  4. Might have to try this with A when she gets a little bit older! So much fun!

    Also...can you get one of those cute prego countdown things on your blog (you know with the little pea pod counting weeks). It is so fun to keep up with your progress!

  5. Great idea! I forgot about those due date widgets. I just got one :)

  6. LOVED this! parker freaks out whenever we put him in the front of the car on our laps... he loves it :)


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