Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby # 2

I've been dying to tell you guys why I've been slacking on the blog so much lately, but as most of you know, the rule is to wait 12 weeks before letting the cat out of the bag.  I can't believe how much I'm showing already!

Let me tell you, it has been a super fun 12 weeks (wink wink).  I think God implants a chip in your brain that forces you to forget all the pains of pregnancy and labor so that you'll keep having more kids.  All I really remember is that I had some morning sickness with Niall in the beginning, some discomfort close to the end, and that the middle was so cute and fun. 

The details of the morning sickness and the discomfort were really just a vague blur.  Now, I remember them clear as day.  I remember loathing not just certain foods, but pretty much all foods.  I would be starving and exhausted, but not able to think of anything to eat and not having the energy to cook anything that sounded remotely appetizing. 

This pregnancy has been more night sickness than anything else.  From about 4:30 until bed, it's pretty brutal, but I think that time frame is actually a blessing because Niall is asleep for the better half of it.  I don't know what I would do if I were sick for the first 4-5 hours of the day.  It would be unbearable for both me and Niall.

We were surprised about the sex with Niall, but this time, I don't think I can handle it.  We're going to find out in a little less than 2 months, and I CAN NOT WAIT.  If I knew that I would eventually get my girl, I would want this one to be a boy.  I would love for Niall to have a little buddy that he would take under his wing growing up.  But, I am so anxious about not ever having a girl that I am secretly kind of hoping this one's a girl.

So either way, we're in for a treat.  I'm hoping that I'm toward the end of my battle with "morning" sickness and exhaustion and will be inspired to do more activities with Niall... and of course, write on the blog more often.  I'm so happy to finally put the news out there and keep you all updated!

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  1. yay! was wondering when you'd put this out on the blog! so excited for you, matt and niall!


  2. Love your little bump! So happy for you guys and REALLY happy it's out there in the blogosphere finally. Love you all!!!! xoxoxoxo P.S. Can't wait for our lunch date --- it's FINALLY creeping closer!

  3. Congratulations!!! I hope you start feeling better soon! I found this time around to be so.much.worse than I remember when I was pregnant with John. I found out I was pregnant in December, and it was a crazy miserable winter! You look awesome, and I'm so excited for when you find out boy or girl :) I won't know until September, and I'm so very curious!

  4. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. I am not ready to make a sibling for A yet, but you are giving me some motivation!

  5. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!! Congrats kerry! how exciting for you guys! Niall is gonna be a great big brother :)

  6. YES! This is awesome news!!! Big congrats to you guys. I'm really happy for you! And glad to have another baby/toddler mommy to commiserate--I mean celebrate--with! ;) YAY for babies. I hope you feel better soon. If it helps, just know that this pregnancy goes so. much. faster.

    HUGS! xx

  7. Congratulations!! Hopefully you're on the tail end of the awful nausea and you can enjoy that fun middle part soon! I'm so excited for you guys!! You look adorable with your little bump. I hear it pops out like the second you conceive with your second ;)

  8. Congratulations!! I hope the sickness goes away soon!!

  9. Hooray! Congratulations!!! You look fantastic!


  10. Oh my gosh, took me by surprise with that one!!


  11. Yay, congratulations! Second time around definitely does pop out sooner :). Hopefully you start feeling better soon, you look great!


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