Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

This weekend was extremely low key, which is how we roll these days in general.  We're definitely due for a long beach weekend or something out of the ordinary soon before I go cabin crazy.

I usually convince myself that it's not worth a 3 hour drive and bumper to bumper traffic to go to the beach, but I secretly wish we would suck it up and go for a nice change of pace.

We've been serious homebodies these days, but we did have a BBQ on Sunday.

6 racks of ribs, a pork shoulder, 15 burgers, 16 hot dogs, 15 ears of corn, 5 appetizers... for about 12 people.  The sick part is that there are barely any left overs and the sad part is that I didn't take a single picture.

I'm really good at being paparazzi when it's just me and Niall, but not so good when I'm out with friends and family.  I like to be in the moment and usually forget to capture it.  But the rest of the low key weekend, I managed to catch on camera. 



I did manage to sneak away during the day on the 4th to go to a local community beach with my friend, while Matt spent time with Niall.  It was a really nice mommy's day off, but I did miss the little bugger ;)

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

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