Monday, June 6, 2011

Keepin Busy

I remember the days when I would start the weekend with dinner and a night out, wake up on Saturday to meet someone for breakfast, trek off to a festival an hour away for the day, go out again that night, and then meet up for brunch with friends on Sunday.

Nothing was "too much" for me.  Pack on the plans; the more, the better in my mind.  But these days, one activity per weekend is my limit.  I need my rest and I can't stay out too late because it's not worth being off my game when my little bundle of energy wakes me up at 6am.

So it was a really fun little treat this weekend to take a walk down memory lane and push the activities envelope once again.  I did more this weekend than I've done in quite a while.

We went to a fundraiser that our friends do every year on their farm up north of Baltimore.  I didn't get to go last year, so it was really important to me to be able to make it this time.  They have an adorable daughter just 7 weeks younger than Niall, who seems to have a little crush on him (forgot to take pix of her before she left).

Niall spent the entire time ignoring her because he wanted to play with bugs and her tree swing.  But she was very understanding and let him do his thang ;)

It was also really nice to have daddy home on Sunday, so we could all go to the carousel and train ride that Niall and I discovered last week.  Niall was so proud to be with his dad on the carousel horse.

And I also managed to squeeze in bagels and a walk along the national mall with my friend on Sunday morning.

Whew, talk about a busy bee (yea, I realize this really isn't that busy, but cut me some slack, ok?).

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  1. Matt giving the thumbs up on the carousel is just too much. ;)

  2. Those are such cute pictures! I love Niall's tshirt.


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