Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foot Fetish

Niall has had his fair share of odd favorites.  He will gladly share any color chalk with you-- except pink.  Don't you dare touch his pink.  He is also obsessed with Dora.  Every night, we ask him if he might want to read a different book (because we are SO sick of Dora)... but he makes it very clear that he is not interested in switching.

Ok, so he enjoys brushing his hair a little too much and maybe he likes watching me put my makeup on and occasionally wants to help...  

Luckily, I am not one of those people who thinks there is reason to be concerned when an 18 month old boy has some girlish tendencies.  It couldn't possibly mean anything, right?

So this shouldn't concern me, either, should it?

Note: I did not encourage or instigate this by putting these shoes out in front of him.  Niall went into my closet and pulled them out himself.  When I went to take them off of him, he completely freaked out.

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  1. Oh man, I could watch that video all day; he's the best! If he starts going for those cute knee high brown ones we'll have to have an intervention!

  2. Aw, he's so sweet! John likes to parade around in my shoes too, and demands to be held when I put on any make up to get the best view. Toddler boys are so funny :)

  3. my son is 20 months and LOVES wearing my shoes...or his dads...or his brothers.lol

  4. My nephews love nothing more than playing in Isabelle's dress up trunk! They get all dressed up and walk around in heels and have the best time! Just exploring the world around them I say! Your sweet boy is just so precious:)

  5. Haha, Nate likes wearing my shoes too. And his lovey is a pink bunny :) Niall walks remarkably well in your wedges!!


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