Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Bother Me, Mom

Sometimes, it's frustrating to be interrupted when you're right in the middle of finding the perfect stick to poke through tree stump remains with-- as you can imagine.

I get that.  Which is why I decided to take advantage of our new fence and let Niall continue playing while I made him some breakfast and watched him from the window.

This fence has been such a God-send.  I can actually sit in a chair and glance through a magazine or relax for a second and not have to worry about Niall running into the street.

But I was sure that when I slowly walked away, yelling "Byyyeee Niall, bye bye. Mommy's going inside now" that he would quickly realize he was going to be alone and sprint after me.  I mean, surely he couldn't survive without mommy, right?  I waited for him to pick up his head and notice that I wasn't there.  Would he be scared?  Confused?  I don't want him to be upset...

5 minutes later:

10 minutes later:

He never looked for me.  My boy doesn't seem to have the "Where's my mommy??" instinct or concern.  It was more like "Finally!  Some alone time.  Peace out mom."

I had to go outside at this point and put him over my shoulder, kicking and screaming, to get him to come back inside.  He's got that explorer spirit; he loves to be outside, loves to run around, loves to play with the bugs and the trees, and loves to do it all on his own.  And I love that about him.

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  1. Oh that's too funny!! Don't feel bad, Mason is way more of an explorere than a clinger too!

    We have a great fence too, but unfortunately the allure of dog poop requires extreme supervision right now LOL

  2. I love that devotion to the stick and tree! LOL I enjoyed looking at these pictures and reading about the day. I think it is WONDERFUL that you can relax for a few minutes because of the fence. That must feel great!


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