Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I never thought I'd see the day.  We've discovered something that has captured Niall's interest as much as trains.

Bugs have officially taken over.  We still play with trains, of course, but the second we set foot outside, Niall drops all of his trains and starts screaming "BUG!!" 

Bugs are now the prime focus of sidewalk chalk, we stop and squat every 2 seconds on the way to the car to see if there might be one, we look on the windows, the tree stumps.  We don't let a bug go unnoticed around here ;)

There might not even be a bug there, but he's just expecting it now.  Ever since he saw ants crawling in the cracks of the sidewalk, he just assumes that is where they will always be. 

He saw a potato bug crawl under the door of our shed one day and he still runs up to that door and eagerly points, hoping that I will open it and that same potato bug will be sitting there.  Obviously, that's where he has to be, right?

It's really cute watching him get so excited about it.  I can't wait to show him a lightning bug when it starts getting dark earlier.  He is going to go nuts.  It has really been fun watching him take on favorites and learning what interests him.  He's really becoming his own little person now!

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  1. Love all the sidewalk chalk art!! Niall is the sweetest little bug catcher!

  2. Oh, lightning bugs are one thing my girls never got to experience. We don't have them here in Phoenix. That's too bad. I can only IMAGINE how cool that would be to watch the girls discover. I hope Niall enjoys it!

  3. Karen, it's a shame you don't have lightening bugs! I remember me and my sisters going outside at night with a canning jar catching all the lightening bugs we could!

  4. Awww, so cute!!!! Typical boy, into bugs!!

  5. It's so funny to watch little boys do all of the typical "boy" things. John hasn't discovered bugs yet (thankfully, as I'm a wimp about all things crawly!), but loves trucks, and sticks, and fixing things. These pictures of Niall are so cute - he really does look like he's concentrating hard!


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