Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sour Cream Face

Yes, that is sour cream smeared all over Niall's face.

To say that Niall hasn't been eating well lately would be a complete understatement.  Between 6-12 months, this boy would eat anything I put in front of him-- avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, BROCCOLI.  Not even I would go that far ;)

But the last 6 months have been a complete 180.  Niall hasn't eaten a fruit or vegetable in probably 3 weeks now.  I used to be able to kind of hide them-- like mushing banana into his oatmeal or blending spinach into his mac n' cheese.

Well, now he's onto me.  All he has to do is look at the plate in front of him and he can use his psychic powers to detect if it has something healthy in it (and promptly shoves the plate off his high chair tray).  Or maybe he can just read it on my pathetic, desperate face:  "Oh, sweetie, you're gonna just LOVE this!!!" [nervous smile]

So I was left with a choice- let him eat 6 string cheeses and a box of goldfish each day or let him starve.  Because that's literally ALL he will eat these days.

Let him starve, I decided.

I chose to continue putting fruits and veggies in front of him hoping that, eventually, he would be so hungry that he would surely eat anything.  But I quickly realized that he was just as stubborn as I was.  And would rather die than consume another one of those disgusting healthy meals.

Game on.

So this is my last ditch effort before our 18 month check up.  Smother everything in condiments.  A veggie filled quesadilla gets smothered in sour cream; a piece of fruit gets covered in honey; sweet potato fries get drowned in ketchup.  You get the idea.

Which leads me to why Niall's face is covered in sour cream.  The other trick is that we can't be in the room with him when he is eating or he won't do it.  As soon as we stop paying attention to him, we have a shot.  But if he sees us in there, he won't budge.

So I gave him his space and came back in the room 5 minutes later to this...

Glad somebody thought it was funny.

The little stinker has outsmarted me once again by using the food only as a tool for licking the condiments off and leaving anything with nutrients behind.  What can ya do?  Back to string cheese and goldfish, I guess :)

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  1. Hahah what a stinker! I wonder why he had such a drastic change!?

  2. Toddlers are such punks! I have a small handful of meals I rotate through, and John won't eat anything else! He will still eat pureed veggies if they are in the pouches that have fruit too... so I totally keep buying him baby food... at least I can (sometimes) get some veggies in!

  3. oh niall you stinker! have you tried those pureed pouches? parker sucks them up in no time like they're smoothies. i know lots of toddlers who love them, even though they say they're for 6months & up.

    or what about looking up recipes for toddler smoothies? ugh, what do i know though... parker is doing the same thing too. picky boys!!

  4. That's a good idea- he did like the pureed pouches... I guess I was just stuck on this idea that they were only for babies-- but fruit is fruit! I will have to try again :)

  5. Haha i Think is funny to, he is so sweet. These are normal things for a baby and after some years you will be very happy with these pictures.

  6. I tried commenting on this yesterday, but that darn blogger was all messed up. Argh! Anyway, I can totally relate. You wouldn't believe how many of Nate's meals have been buttered pasta and a navel orange. I tend to give in. I can't stand the thought that he might be hungry. In the meantime I just keep offering healthy foods without pressuring him. SOMETIMES it works. I love the idea of the babyfood pouches!

  7. oh boy!!
    how about some sauteed veggies with parmesan cheese? that's always a winner for Lily

  8. Oh he is so sweet, my little girl did the same with the food, but i`m not mad for that, i only think that is so cute.


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