Monday, May 9, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Everybody who knows Niall knows that he is his daddy's boy.  All I hear all day long is "DAD!"  Any time a car pulls down our street, every time the mail man drops the mail through the door, and he always gets himself set up in front of the screen door at least a half hour before Matt gets home to greet him.

After all, they do share a lot of common interests...

But honestly, I don't mind at all.  I think it's really cute.  Especially because I know that Matt feels so bad that he barely gets to see him.  So jealousy is really not an issue; it actually works out best this way. Except for one little thing that was making me really nervous...

He's going to be 18 months in a couple weeks and he still doesn't say "mama."  Seriously?  Am I that insignificant?  But more importantly, is there some kind of speech delay or something I should be more concerned about?

So I was both relieved and head over heels excited when he decided to throw me a bone and say "mama" just in the nick of time for Mother's Day.  It was the best feeling ever.  And he knew how to milk it for all it was worth, the little bugger.

I would normally ignore incessant whining and pleas to be held-- but all he had to do was add "mama!" to the end of his begging and I was a total sucker.  Fell for it every time.  I would scoop him right up and hold him as long as he wanted.  What a little manipulator ;)

And daddy didn't do too bad with his Mother's Day gift, either.

Since I work from home and don't have an office, he set up a little work station on top of the dining room buffet-- with the new HD flip cam sitting right there on top.  What a guy! 

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  1. parker is totally a daddy's boy too!! i'm ok with it, it flatters sam & i know deep down where parker's loyalties lie ;)

    glad you had a good mother's day!

  2. cute! Lily used to say mommy but won't now. she sure says pai (portuguese for dad) a lot though.

    how is Niall doing with chicken pox? he got them early no? Lily just got the shot yesterday

  3. He's great-- he must have gotten the world's mildest case of the pox, so we are very grateful!!


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