Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Old Station

Here she is... Ol' Bessy. Ok, I made that up.  I have no idea what this old train station's nickname is. Whatever it is, she's a beaut. And still running like a champ.

It's a commuter train station that takes passengers anywhere from West Virginia to DC and all the way up past Baltimore. But in between the passenger stops are the old freight trains. The mother load. The real spectacle.  I just have to hold onto hope that Niall can't read the graffiti as it blurs past us.

I'm trying to picture my reaction when Niall is 6 or 7 and points to the side of a train, asking me what certain four letter words mean.  Well, there's plenty of time for pondering on that; no sense in trying to figure it all out tonight, right?

We got very lucky with this trip.  Not only did we get to see a 20+ car freight train whiz by, but we also got the crossing of the another huge train coming down the other side of the rails at the same time.  Jackpot.

And the amazing part is that as loud and powerful and intimidating as these monster machines were, Niall was seriously not one tiny bit scared.  He was just in complete awe.  Calm as could be as he shifted all of his focus to the clanking and chugging on the tracks--- while doing his part, making the "Chooo Chooo!!!" noise for the trains so they wouldn't have to, naturally ;) 

I've been told on multiple occasions that I will never have to worry about this kid having ADD.  I've never seen a toddler focus on the same task for 45 minutes like this one does.  And when it comes to trains, you will have his undivided attention for however long you want.

But the main event didn't come without some anxiety provoking anticipation.  There were about 15 minutes or so of this...

Did you notice the man in that first picture?  Take a closer look.  I thought this was funny.  He was extremely uncomfortable with me letting Niall stand on the platform.  Which I completely understand-- except that the train honks when it's about a half mile away, the bells start dinging like crazy, the lights start flashing, and you can see it from REALLY far away.  I would never let Niall near the tracks if the train were actually coming.  So there's my disclaimer.

I think Niall would tell you that it was all worth it, though.  And that we'll be back very soon.  Nothing like a day at the station.

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  1. Those are cute pictures!

    I'm sure you wouldn't let him wander off the platform when the trinas coming, silly man! He must be a worrywart.

  2. Very nice pictures, and you are right this stations looks very nice. It is old, but in my opinion it is more beautiful than the new ones.

  3. This is so cute! I love his little train obsession. Levi's similar obsession is with music. He just gets mesmerized with live music - loves the guitar especially. (And, you bet, am I planning on fanning that flame!)

  4. what a great station. we really want to take a train ride as a family. maybe when we go to WV for the month of august....

  5. The "Ol' Bessy" line and the uncomfortable guy really made me laugh. I feel like you should have messed with him and pretended to throw Niall onto the tracks. But maybe his heart attack afterward would not have been so amusing...


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