Monday, May 16, 2011

Niall's One True Love

There's just something about being a mother. Something instinctive; protective. You never let that child far out of sight, always throw yourself in harm's way for the sake of keeping him safe, and he's the first thing you think about when you wake up, the last before you go to bed.

Niall knows this feeling all too well. Not from me-- but from his own feelings toward his trains.  No matter where Niall is, you won't find his trains too far behind.  So, if the trains aren't supposed to be in a certain situation... like, I don't know, let's say in the ocean, in his food, in the TOILET... don't try to stand in Niall's way.  Or you will see the wrath.

Niall is like a big brother to these trains.  He teaches them all sorts of things; like how to swim...

He takes them to the park and shows them the ropes, attempting to climb things that you definitely need two hands for, but refuses to let go of the train(s).   

He always puts them first, letting them do all the fun stuff before he has a chance to do it...

He enjoys their company over a nice meal-- and always offers them a bite...

The last picture I have of Niall not holding a train was from over a month ago.  But you can still see that trains were on his mind.  He is mouthing "Choo Choooo!," which is the first thing he says in the morning when he wakes up and the last thing he says before bed.

This boy has taken falls that could have been drastically less severe if he had just let go of the trains and used his hands to break his fall.  But he would never forsake those trains-- and would rather suffer a blow directly to the head. 

So it seemed like it was time.  I wanted to save this special event for when Niall could fully appreciate its awesomeness.  He needed to prove himself worthy, and he's definitely there.  Taking a fall for the trains just pushed him into worthy range.

We took a trip to the old train station.  Long freight trains blowing past with graffiti all over the sides of the cars.  Loud honking, old rickety tracks.  Yes, his mind was completely blown.  I won't get too much into it because this trip obviously needs its own post.  Tune in tomorrow!

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  1. Good thing it's not a blankie he's dragging around, feeding, and teaching how to swim!

  2. haha, i laughed out loud at his falls that wouldn't have been so bad had he let go of his trains! silly niall.

    ps: i'm pretty sure lemongrass isn't a chain. the one we went to is owned by a guy & his sister & she travels the world to create their menu. it's insanely good. or maybe the name is a franchise but they get to have their own creative rights? because i have seen that logo at other lemongrasses before too. i don't know. either way, freakin' delicious. :)

  3. He just loves his trains! So cute!!!


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