Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday

It was last November, just about 6 months ago, when Niall went in for his first chicken pox vaccination. This photo was taken the morning of; the poor guy didn't even see it coming...

As much as it kills me to see a smiling, unsuspecting baby suddenly flash such a look of confused betrayal at you after being jabbed in the leg by the "sweet nurse"-- I knew deep down that I wanted to get him vaccinated, despite all the controversy.

But seriously, who could jab a needle into the thigh of this sweet face?

So you can imagine my delight when I took Niall to the doctor's office today to have a rash looked at-- only to find out he has chicken pox. I'm sorry, was that not what the vaccine was for? Or is it just fun to put kids through 2 rounds of torture?

Ok, so it's not the doctor's fault.  Whatever, somebody's got to be held accountable around here for my kid's immune system functioning and the like, right?  (And it's not going to be me.)

The doc was actually pretty surprised because it's somewhat rare that a vaccinated kid gets the chicken pox. He only sees about 1-2 cases each year!

So it would seem that we have exceptionally good reverse luck.  I'll try to take that as a positive.  You can find me knee deep in oatmeal baths 3-4 times a day for the next 2 weeks.  Catch you on the flip side ;)

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  1. He's so little to have chicken pox, good luck and stay sane. I'm curious if Niall has a milder case because of the vaccination or if it's a full on explosion of pox.

  2. I'm told it should be milder. I am told... Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. oh man, i am so sorry he got the chicken pox!! poor guy :( hope they go away SOON.


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