Monday, May 23, 2011

Can't catch a break

Niall is one heck of a trooper, that's all I can say.  The last 6 months have been a whirlwind of:

  • bad reactions to vaccinations
  • flu
  • chicken pox
  • 2 emergency room visits
  • stitches
  • 4 upper respiratory infections
  • allergies (too young to be tested; self-diagnosed by mommy)
  • 103.5 fever
  • 4 month long intermittent cough

And now.... strep throat.  The kid can't catch a break.

So I decided that today, I don't care about being the perfect mom who only lets her toddler watch 10-15 minutes of educational TV per day.  We're watching a fun movie, dangit.  And we're going to enjoy it.  Isn't that the best part of being sick?  That's the part I remember.... that, and eating mac 'n cheese.

We're doing both.

But I seem to be enjoying it a little more than Niall.  This little book worm decided he was tapped out after 30 minutes of "Tangled" and started reading his sign language book.  Well, good for you, buddy.  As for me, I'm zonked after a long morning of urgent care and filling prescriptions, so I will continue to have a lazy day (at least for the rest of the movie). 

After tomorrow, he won't be contagious anymore and we'll go back to our regular routine.  But for now, I'm allowing myself to enjoy some R&R without incessant eye twitching and going cabin fever crazy.  We're just gonna ride this thing out.

And P.S., if you are in this picture from brunch at the Martins yesterday, I sincerely hope you and/or your kids don't get strep.  So sorry!  We had a blast seeing you, though :)

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  1. Poor guy! He has had a rough go of it this winter/ spring! I really hope he feels better soon.

  2. oh poor guy!! and poor mama, too. hope he gets a break soon :(

  3. Oh no! I had no idea Niall had all of these tough times over the psat six months!! Poor thing. Friend, I think you were totally entitled to that movie...and a couple more. Ugh! Btw, our pediatrician diagnosed Nate with allergies around 15 months and recommended OTC claritin for 2 yrs and up. It had been a tremendous help.

  4. poor little guy. hope you both had a fun sick day in and that he gets a break soon

  5. Oh my gosh, that sucks so bad. Here I thought the neverending daycare cold was bad!! I hope he's feeling much much better very soon!!!

  6. I'm so far from having a child, but I still really enjoyed hearing about yours on the Juici Life so here I am!

    well umm for 1 I didn't realize tangled was out, and now I want to go rent it. I should really grow up haha

    Lazy days are just necessary sometimes... props to you for taking one!



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