Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Years Teach Much...

I am truly in need of some inspiration today.  Not for blogging material, but just for getting through this seemingly never-ending day.

And as I'm sitting here, trying to pull myself out of this funk; jumping around inspirational quote websites, I'm realizing that incredibly wise people can be so incredibly annoying.  Oh, what do you know, Emerson?

Have you ever lost an entire folder worth of work emails with one little click?  Have you ever had to soothe an inconsolable, sick baby who hasn't stopped crying in over 12 hours?  Have you ever tripped over a Thomas the train and kicked it across the room in a fit of rage?

No, I bet you haven't.  I bet you sit under willow trees with soft breezes and cucumber sandwiches, thinking up your next brilliant poem, you dog, you.

I don't know what my deal is today but it's just been this culmination of chaos and craziness.  And the sad part is that Niall isn't even being bad-- I have no excuse to get so flustered.  I'm just not used to this whole toddler thing quite yet.

I'm having trouble grasping this new way of life where outlet plugs and cabinet guards no longer solve the challenge of "off-limits."  Now, he's a regular old explorer, searching out every nook and cranny of the "do not touch" sections in this house.

I feel like all I've done the past week or so is reprimand the poor kid.  "Niall!  Don't climb on the toilet!";  "Please don't dig through the trash, Niall!"; "Stop pulling all of mommy's clothes off the hangers!!"; "I'm sorry but you can't jump off the chairs- you're going to hurt yourself!"

And every time I clean up a mess in one corner of the room; there is a new pile of chaos on the other side.  It has been taking us 30-45 minutes to get out the door AFTER we're all dressed and ready to go. 

But the beauty of your annoyingly accurate words of wisdom, Emerson, is that they put everything into perspective (even for me):

The years teach much which the days never know.

It's not these little days full of messes and crying and lost emails that I will remember in a year.  It will be the progression of Niall from a cute little helpless baby to an independent, amazingly fun little boy who has so much personality that I enjoy hanging out with him as if he were my friend.  And my growth as a mother, of course.  It's all such an amazing but wild ride.

So even though I would prefer that you not try to sugar-coat my hideous day, I gotta give you props, Emerson ;)

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  1. I know how you feel! John is the same way, and trying to get anything done feels so very challenging some days. Like when he is pulling dishes off the counter on his head, dumping the dogs' water bowl, and getting into non baby friendly drawers all while I'm just desperately just trying to make breakfast... ah, toddlers. I hope your day improves!!!

  2. yes, this is a very TRYING age isn't it??! oh. my. goodness. thank god it is also such a fun and hilarious age! otherwise you'd have a lot of mothers jumping off cliffs.


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