Friday, April 8, 2011

Now and Then

I can't remember the last time Niall did this:

He doesn't like being tied down in any way, shape or form these days, so it's rare that we can get him to stay in his high chair for more than 5 minutes-- which explains why he is borderline emaciated.  But to cozy up and sleep in it!  That's a big deal, folks.

It brought me back.  Way back.  I knew that he had done this a few times back in the high chair beginnings.  So I started rummaging through my old photos and videos- which I don't do often enough.  Maybe once every 6 months, if that.  And I eventually stumbled on the last time he fell asleep in his high chair.

Just about 7 months old and feisty as ever.  Didn't matter that he would have to stay partially awake to maintain control of his arm muscles to hold that bottle up.  He's a determined little guy.  And pretty talented, I might add.  I don't know if I could hold a drink up to my mouth while sleeping in an upright position.

Baby boy making his mama proud-- 9 whole months ago!  And it's still my favorite thing ever that he sleeps with his hands stretched behind his head.  Just chillaxin.

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  1. i love that he sleeps with his arms up! that is super cute. and wow, could we have any more of the same target clothes for our little boys? parker has the giraffe shirt too. and the grey one in your header. we have great similar taste in $5 shirts :)

  2. Oh my god. He is so delicious in that video. I just want to smother his little cheeks with kisses. That is just about the cutest sleep pose ever. I might like it more than the butt up in the air baby sleep pose.

  3. oooh. my. cuteness!!!!! this just made my heart weak!

    wanted to send the blog love right back :) thanks for visiting ours!



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