Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mama Lioness

I almost punched a kid in the face today.  Is that inappropriate?  Immature?  Well, some of these little brats make me revert to child-like tendencies.  I can't help it.

Another train incident.  [Maybe we should find a new favorite hobby for Niall.]  So we're back at the kid's library this morning and Niall is doing a great job sharing and playing with the other little kids and all that.  We even managed to leave without a temper tantrum.  He waved goodbye and everything.  Great morning.

But then I realized later in the afternoon that I forgot to return our library books that were due today.  No biggie.  I figured, hey, what a treat for Niall-- kid's library 2 times in one day!

When we went back, there were just two 5ish year old boys playing at the train area.  And there were about 15 trains.  But of course, they had every single one of them and were not willing to give one up.  Luckily, I had brought Niall's Thomas the Train in my diaper bag, so it was all good. 

Until I noticed that they were being SO INCREDIBLY MEAN to Niall.  A 16 month old.  They were chanting "GO A- WAY!  GO A- WAY!" in his face and hitting their trains against his to try to knock it out of his hand.  Whenever he would try to put his train on the tracks, they would run over and push it off, yelling "No!  You can't put your train on here!"

Thank God he didn't fully understand what they were doing because I probably would have burst into tears. The thought of Niall looking up at me with those sad eyes, wondering "Why are they being so mean to me, mommy?" makes my insides churn.  And my blood boil.

This time, I was not just mad at the mothers... I was actually mad at the kids, too.  I know that sounds crazy, but it's really hard not to get emotional when you have visions of your kid sitting in the corner of the playground at recess while the other kids throw balls at his head. 

So even though I thought about throwing down (kidding), I decided to go stand behind Niall and say things like "Are you having fun with the trains, Niall?  Is everybody being nice?"  And I told the kid he had to give Niall his Thomas train back when he eventually ripped it (the only train Niall had to play with) out of his hands. 

Again, I have to ask:  Where are their moms???

Anyhoo, I guess this is just taking me one step further on my path to assertiveness.  Here are some shots from earlier in the day, when playing with trains was just fun and games ;)

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  1. We had encounters with kid bullies this weekend too. Makes me SO sad AND incredibly PISSED OFF. Friday we were at the park and Jasper insisted on attempting the monkey bars by himself- I was standing a few feet away ready to dive and catch him if he started to lose his grip, a 5 year old comes over and pulls on his foot causing him to crash down on top of this kid. I seriously wanted Jasper to kick him in the head. Then we were playing at the mall, Jasper was standing on top of a play thing and this 8-9 year old looked around to see if anyone was watching them SHOVED Jasper so he flew off. My husband was over there so fast and asked "What do you think you are doing" that I think the kid almost peed his pants. Seriously detest kid bullies. AND their parents.

  2. Ugh. I have had that happen way too many times. Now though, D looks out for his baby brother. For reals. He is his guardian angel and it absolutely melts my heart!

    I drive my husband crazy saying "where are their parents" but you really can't just let your kids wander free in some places. Especially if they are mean little brats like those two boys!

  3. Arg! Not happy to hear that this is happening to all of our little guys. Now I know where the phrase "Pick on someone your own size" really comes from :(

  4. Older kids are the bane of my existence, Kerry. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets mad at other kids!! I asked my friend the other day if I was totally evil for giving a three old laser beams of hate from my eyes when she told Nate to go away and that he couldn't get on the big foam mat at Gymboree. I missed the post you referenced, so I'm going to have to find it and read it too. But seriously, where are these kids' mothers? It is so infuriating when parents raise brats and then send them off into the world to terrorize and don't supervise. It's not like Nate is always an angel, but I'm ALWAYS there to correct any bad behavior. I've had to leave fun playtimes at parks and the library so many times because of older brats.

  5. First off, I totally laughed out loud when I read the first line :) But, I don't think that the way you feel was out of line at all! I tend to stand back and let my daughter (14 months) interact with others, and when bully kids like this are around, it's definitely tough! Obviously, like you, I'm not going to stand around and let her be bullied by older kids who know better. I would have done the same......I'm a pro at passive aggressive techniques :)

  6. I remember one of the first times I saw kids really being mean to my son. Zack was probably about four and these kids were probably 6ish. We were at a playground, and Zack wanted to "make friends", so he went up to the older kids and tried to join their game. They started to run away from him. Zack didn't get it, so he started to chase after them for a while thinking it was a game. Finally he gave up. It broke my heart. I understood that the older kids probably didn't want a four year old hanging out with them, but still I was so proud of my son for trying, and I wanted to go and yell at the older boys.
    My son is now 5.5. He ain't perfect, but I must say he is pretty nice to other kids, even little ones, and that makes me proud!

  7. i am so not ready for the day i see parker get picked on. i know the mama bear will rear her head, & i've been known to speak before thinking, but i won't care. i think you were totally justified!

  8. This made me so sad. Not looking forward to dealing with stuff like this with Mason and I'm so sorry that you (or anyone!) has to deal with it now. Ugh!! :o(


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