Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Main Difference

...between being the first time mom of a 10 month old and a 16 month old is this:

When they're 10 months old, you want to make sure that you enthusiastically read every line of every book-- begging your little one to stop flipping the page before you've had a chance to get it all out.

But once they're 16 months; walking, almost talking, throwing books at you a mile a minute-- you suddenly find yourself taking a page like this:

and turning it into this:

"Yes, Lloyd.  My mama's a llama."  




...and so on

Of course I love reading to Niall.  But when you can't keep up with those little lightning flipping fingers, you learn to improvise-- and stop worrying about whether your kid will be able to read by the time they're two ;)

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  1. parker is already doing this! he turns the pages so fast i'm lucky to get out a sentence. silly boys.

  2. lol, totally!! reading to Lily (17mths) is so much more challenging these days.

  3. Wait until the are five and they want to read really long books, when you just wnt them to go to bed. They catch you if you skip even a word! grrr.

  4. all i can say is AMEN to this post. hahahaha, boys!!

  5. This made me laugh so hard... Sad but true fact of motherhood!!


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