Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emergency Room: Round 2

It feels good to just sit.  I say this a lot, but it rings especially true today.  After another trip to the emergency room- second time this month- I really needed to just relax and take a breather and say "the rest can wait." 

Today was supposed to be a killer day.  Take the new bike for a spin on the trails, have a lunch picnic on a blanket in the yard, walk over to the park.  And the psycho scheduler inside of me is starting to get the wake up call; starting to realize that the words "toddler" and "schedule" just don't really go together. 

I think it's good to try, but it's also important to be flexible and know that plans are going to be broken dozens of times a week for dozens of different reasons.  I just need to mentally walk myself through that mantra ;)

So just as we were approaching "10am-- Mommy takes shower," we were interrupted with "9:58am-- Niall busts lip open by pulling wrought iron fireplace screen onto himself."

I'd like to say that it gets easier each time you go to the ER; that you gain more composure, are more relaxed, and have a quicker reaction time.  But I'm afraid that just isn't the case for me.

I was surprisingly somewhat calm when I saw the deep purplish red dot above Niall's lip getting bigger and bigger after scooping him up off the floor.  But then I spent about 3-4 minutes just pacing around the room, going "Uhhh, ok, uhhhh, gauze, uhhh, call doctor?, no, drive to ER, wait, stop the bleeding, please don't squirm!, where's that emergency kit?"

Once we got in to the stitching room, it took every ounce of my strength not to start crying for Niall.  I knew it was going to be brutal, but watching your kid get strapped into a straight jacket and have a fish hook poked through his lip is pure torture.  There was nothing I could do; he was screaming too loud to hear any of my attempts to soothe him and his entire body was enclosed in canvas, so I couldn't really touch him. I was seriously blinking back tears, hoping the doctor and nurse didn't notice.

But 3 stitches and one majorly delayed nap later, here we are.  Good as new.  Refreshed and revived with my tall glass of cucumber water, some classical music on the ol' ipod, and my feet propped up on the fire pit.  Enjoying the sun, holding a baby monitor, and taking lots of deep breaths-- knowing that in 2 days, I will be in Charleston, SC for a week!

 Excuse the frighteningly pale legs and feet

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  1. oh no! So sorry you had to go through that!! And Niall! Poor little guy. And have so much in Charleston! I've only been there once, but it was So beautiful!

  2. That sounds horrible! I faint when I see blood, and I'm so nervous about having a toddler son this summer... it's only a matter of time, I'm sure. I'm glad that Niall is feeling better!

  3. Oh I am so sorry you went through that! When my son was turning four (the day of his party), he fell at a restaurant and split his forhead open. We actually had to take an ambulance because we had walked over a mile to the restaurant. He had 8 stitches, but we did make it in time for the party. I know there will be many more trips to the ER for this family!

  4. Poor little dude! And poor mama! So glad you guys get a vacation now. Perfect timing for a great rest. Enjoy.


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