Thursday, April 14, 2011

Click, Snap, Shoot

I knew it was going to be a 487 pictures kind of day when it started with this:

I even love the purple weeds scattered all over our yard.  They drive Matt nuts, but I think they're so pretty.

Cheerfulness was just peeking its head out of every corner of this neighborhood.  And I literally took 487 pictures today.  No need to sugar coat, that's just psychotic.  And people noticed.

The lady pushing her kid on the swing next to Niall tried not to stare as I clicked every single time the swing went back (snap)...and forth (snap).  Over and Over and Over again.  And I pretended that I could have cared less, but part of me knew that I was being a raging lunatic.  I was a photo snapping machine and Niall was my muse.

It's hard for me not to get carried away on days like this.  A lot of people live for shorts, tanks & flip flop kind of weather.  And while I love me a good pair of summery flops (or "thongs" as my dad likes to call them)... 68 degrees is my favorite temperature.  I would love to walk around in jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt all day long. 

Never a bead of sweat, but never a shiver or chill either.  That's just about what it was today.  And this girl knows it's only gonna last about 2 weeks tops... until it turns into a blazing inferno and I'm wishing it was winter again.

So I'm living it up.  Oversized enjoyment.

Because just as fast as this fleeting spring season is whizzing by, so are the days my little guy needs to hold my hand to climb around the playground equipment.  Bittersweet.

 Hold on, gotta hydrate.  This playground stuff can be exhausting...


My boy is doin his own thang and lovin it. 

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  1. Hi! lol, i know ALL about taking too many photos a day. i had taken 237 yesterday and it was only 2pm!
    thanks for being a new follower. :)


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