Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Laugh or To Cry

Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  Like this morning, for instance, Niall wanted to eat the top of my deoderant stick.  When I told him "no mouth" and gently pulled it away from him, he looked me dead in the eye and let out the most blood-curdling scream while simultaneously clenching every muscle in his body and bulging his eyes out of his skull.

Naturally, I chose to laugh.  It wasn't even a choice really; more of an uncontrollable reaction.  And right in his face, poor guy.  He was pretty offended.

I do worry sometimes, that when the time comes to teach serious life lessons, I won't be able to pull it together and hold back the snorts and chuckles.  I tend to laugh when I'm feeling uncomfortable, shocked or nervous-- basically any time I'm not supposed to.

But there are also times when I want to cry.  Like when I stumbled upon this...

Not a big deal, you're probably thinking.  Except that this was the fourth time he did it- while I was right there in the same room with him.  I was just trying to get dinner ready and every time I turned my back, he would go right back into that drawer at the speed of light.

I know, I know.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  But there's just no way to child proof those drawers.  We'd basically have to train Niall to screw the parts into the frame because only baby hands could fit in there to get the job done.

So, I filled the bottom two drawers with kid stuff, hoping that would keep him occupied.  But shocker, he still wants the higher drawers.  The ones that I actually need to use for zip lock bags, foil, etc.  It was hard enough cleaning out those bottom 2 drawers.  I'm not letting him have all of them!

(Ok, maybe I will cave and let him have all of them.)

I'm working on Plan B, but right now it involves locking him out of the kitchen with safety gates permanently. 

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  1. im the same way! the other day i put braylee on timeout and she wouldnt stay there and when i was walking over to her (trying to be intimidating of course) she does this precious smile and puts her hands under her chin like a little pagent girl...i coulndt help but bust up laughing. its good to laugh :)

  2. Why do kids LOVE to play in the kitchen? Mine is obsessed with opening every cabinet, drawer and finding 'toys' to play with.

  3. It's hard not to laugh when they're funny. Parents are consistantly inconsistant. Even the most consistant ones. :) I love baby gates.

  4. dude, i do it all the time, the laughing thing. like the other day when she started spitting water everywhere. i made the mistake of laughing. now everytime we eat or drink anything she thinks its a hilarious game to spit it out everywhere! oh man. dude lets get babysitters and have a double date in annapolis soon sometime??

  5. Hahaha - this age is trouble at our house too! John does the same things with the drawers, and while I was trying to make dinner the other day he pulled a heavy one down on himself. Scared me to death!

  6. I love the pics! Too funny...I am following you now :) Please stop by and say hi Areyouamom.com

  7. Oh I totally support the baby gate. I needed to get one to block off the kitchen. the kids were driving me nuts. The gate worked like a charm! Well, it did until Jonah figured out how to climb over :( And also, I laugh at my kids all the time. I mean, how can you not? They are just hilarious sometimes!


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