Monday, March 7, 2011

Snot Rag Troopers

It was a hit the town kind of weekend.  Even when sinus pressure is pounding you between the eyes and you're coughing so hard, you have to gasp for breath... you just have to go galavanting on your birthday weekend, right?

Well, maybe it was more about my fro-yo obsession than anything else.  I woke up Thursday morning with a psychotic determination to get to yogi berry if it was the last thing I did.

It was about 40 degrees.  Niall was just getting over his cold and I was really just starting mine.  Not exactly the perfect setting for frozen yogurt, but some things are more important than all that health nonsense. 

And who wouldn't want to spend the afternoon in this place on their special day?


That night, Matt and I knew we had to cash in on a rare opportunity to go to the movies- one of our favorite and long lost activities.  Which involved both of us twisting tissues into little points and shoving them up our noses for the entire 2 hours of "The Fighter."  But well worth it.

On Saturday, Matt and I were still slaves to our snot rags, but we again had to seize the day (since my birthday apparently goes on for an entire week).  Get used to it hubs :)

We took the new bike for a spin.

And went out with friends Saturday night.

Note:  Ice cream cake melts very fast

Couldn't ask for a better birth-week :)

But it's not over yet-- I have big news!  I just posted our first sponsored ad last week:  Thermomedics.  I'm so excited to have them here on the blog.

If any of you have had to take your baby's rectal temperature, you know it ain't fun stuff.  I absolutely refuse to do it unless it's very obvious that Niall has a fever.  Matt won't even do it even if he does :( 

So, you should definitely check out Thermomedics baby thermometers if you haven't already.  It's a no-contact, easy to use, accurate way to take your baby's temperature.

If you are interesting in advertising on the blog, please feel free to give me a shout:

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  1. Sounds like you have a great birthday weekend. Fro-you sounds so good, haven't been in a while, we are going to have to make a trip now though! Love the picture of Niall in his new bike seat, so cute! By the way, love your boots!!!

  2. yeah, fro-yo is definitely worth getting out of bed despite some sickness. looks like you had a great birthday... you looked super cute! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I always turn mine into an entire week as well. Hey - it's only once a year. You look great - love those boots!!


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