Monday, March 21, 2011

Doctor's Orders

I had a teeny tiny bit of an emotional breakdown yesterday.  I honestly don't even know what exactly caused it, but it was probably a combination of things.  Niall cried and threw temper tantrums all day, petty little things kept going wrong, and I was in desperate need of a little alone time to just relax. 

So relax I did.  And not the [lay on the couch in front of the TV] relaxing.  I'm talking real relaxing. The kind we so often forget to do.  The kind that doesn't involve bright, flashing screens and blinking messages.

I am guilty of hopping on my laptop at the end of the evening, reading other blogs, and convincing myself that I'm taking it easy; taking some "me time."  But I know deep down that your mind and body need time away from anything that has a "power on" button.

Ok, so I know I'm not a doctor, but I have discovered the perfect prescription for all stress and anxiety:

I demand that every woman reading this blog take a long, hot bath at some point this week.  Grab a book or an ipod (ok, so this has an "on" switch, but you're listening to it, not watching it); a glass of cucumber water; maybe even a glass of wine.... shut the door, light some candles, switch off the lights, and pull the curtain.  And just sit there for a good 15 minutes.

It's honestly one of the most healing things I've done in a really long time.  I turned on some classical music, closed my eyes and just drifted away.  It was like I suddenly recharged and everything was fine. 

And now, it's going to be a weekly ritual for me.  I can't believe I went almost 3 years in this house and never took a single bath.  Not one, ever.  Until last night.  What a great wake up call. 

I love the simple things like this, that don't cost anything or require going anywhere.  It's just right there in front of you, but you forgot it even existed.  Oh, bathtub-- I'll never neglect you again.

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  1. What a great idea! I don't particularly like baths, but I think that's because they force you to slow down and relax. I'm gonna try it this week :)

  2. sounds lovely. A hot bath and wine. Darn pregnancy!!!! I am actually heading a into a week all on my own. My husband is taking the boys to visit his parents in Florida and I am staying behind. I am sure I'll get me time then, but it may be too much!!

  3. I do this All the time. It's So relaxing!!

  4. oh, that looks AMAZING. we only have a mini-size bath... you know, like the size of the shower. i really miss having a normal one. this girl hasn't had a bath in..... um, i'm not even sure. :(
    anyway, you enjoy yourself. and i do hope you stick with your new weekly ritual. it's the least you can do for yourself!!


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