Friday, March 11, 2011

Arsenic Hour

I've asked myself how it came to this quite a few times lately.  At what point did I turn control over to Sesame Street so I could go about my day?

Seriously, this isn't me- I'm the mom who takes my kid to parks and libraries every day, I swear!  But all it took was one episode.  I knew I had hit gold.  A standing ovation:

I was told in the beginning not to let my baby/toddler watch TV until he was at least two.  And I was totally on board.  But the sad truth is that Elmo has a lot more effective influence than I do anymore.

Some call it arsenic hour, others call it the bewitching time.  Call it whatever you want, but when 5 pm rolls around, there's just no hope of getting dinner started with Niall clinging to my leg, howling like a little lost puppy.

And that's where Sesame Street comes in.  My saving grace.  Not originals, since they obviously come on the morning.  But On Demand episodes.  Jackpot.

It keeps him entertained for a half hour or so while I get some veggies chopped up and pop some meat in the oven.  And I can get some circulation back in my leg.  Maybe it's lazy parenting, but let's stay positive and call it smart parenting instead :)

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  1. It sounds like smart parenting to me;)

  2. I'm sure the healthy dinner you're able to cook more than makes up for a measly 1/2 hour or so of educational programing. No worries! :)

  3. meh, i wouldn't beat yourself up too bad. if he's happy that is probably much better for him in the end than being sad & cranky every day, right? everybody wins!

  4. Oh how I relate to this post. I too didn't want the evil TV to enter Nate's life until after two. But he got sick for an entire month when he was 11 months old, and that's when Sesame came in. We dvr the new ones, and I have to say they are brilliant shows. I have finally stopped beating myself up over it. I entertain and teach Nate for hours and hours a day. I let Sesame take over for bits here and there and it keeps my sanity!


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