Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where was I?

Ahh yes, blowing chunks.  The way that Niall projectile vomited Sunday evening was something straight out of an exorcist movie (the poor guy was throwing up the entire weekend).

I looked into my rearview mirror and saw the white sludge shooting out like a fire hose- all over his shirt, all over his pants, his tennis shoes, the car seat, anything that was on the floor of the car.  And I was neither mentally nor emotionally prepared to deal with it.

I got so flustered that I pretty much slammed on my brakes, put on the hazards and jumped out of the car to check on him in the middle of the street.  Cars were zooming by as I attempted to clean his hands off so that he would stop rubbing it into his eyes. 

We were on our way to pick Matt up from the airport, so we had to make a quick detour back to the bath tub.  Then, I attempted to scrub as much sludge out of the car seat as humanly possible in 5 minutes, which involved A LOT of carpet cleaner.  Reminder: I was not mentally or emotionally prepared for this.

5 minutes into our trip back to the airport, it clicks.  Ohhhhh, right.  Babies aren't supposed to inhale large amounts of carpet cleaner fumes.  So, the remainder of our 40 minute drive was spent enduring the 30 degree blasts of wind coming through the 4 rolled down windows.  It was a difficult decision- let Niall be freezing for a while or force him to inhale chemical fumes that were making me dizzy all the way in the front seat.

We finally made it home that night and I had my work cut out for me: the car seat.  How to get throw up out of a car seat.  Yes, you can take apart all of the various pieces of fabric and throw them in the wash (a word of advice-- make sure you remember how to put it all back together before you take it apart)... but what about the cracks and crevices in the actual seat frame?

I spared you all from a picture of what the seat looked like before I cleaned it-- before I took the cloth seat parts off... but seriously, after 2 hours of cleaning, how am I supposed to get this mess out of that crack??

I can honestly say I put my heart and soul into getting this seat back in tip top condition.  And now, over 24 hours later, the car still reeks of puke.  I am told that mom's cars generally smell like throw up and there's no way around it.

Unfortunately, this is just not something I am ready to accept.  It's not like the typical lifestyle changes you learn to deal with: "your house will always have toys scattered everywhere once you have kids" or "there won't be too many quiet moments from now on."  Fine, no problem.

"Your car will always smell like barf" is just not in the cards for me.  I will not be the pukey car mom! 

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  1. This happened to a friend of mine. Her solution was to bring it to a car detailer. Not only did they clean the car, they also cleaned the car seat. It might not be a bad idea to find a guy, chances are you'll need his services a few times over the course of mommyhood.

  2. The crevice in the photo - Q tips and lots of them. Also a sturdy chopstick with a sturdy paper towel wrapped around the tip.


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