Friday, February 18, 2011

Things you just can't child-proof

Secretly, part of me has always wanted to spin an entire roll of toilet paper until the waves of soft white sheets unfurl into pretty ruffles. Now I have an excuse (and someone else to blame it on)...

The only problem is that I saw it as more of a one time thing. I think Niall sees it as an every day post-snack activity. But yes, note to self, you should know that the toilet paper holder is not child-proofable.

Neither is the kitchen trash can- even with the lid and foot popper.  Unfortunately, the foot popper is not the only way to prop that lid open.  And no, we don't have room for a trash can under our sink.

Or the entertainment center, which makes for really some nice volume contrasts.  Niall is quite the DJ; he likes to go LOUD.

And let's talk about the couch.  The new heart attack waiting to happen.


Yes, let's run across the big "L" shaped gap at the intersection of the couch.  Let's stand really close to the edge and teeter back and forth.  And pretend that there are clouds made of marshmallows underneath us.

He's fearless, which is also what I happen to love about him :)

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  1. it seems like every kid needs to experience the unraveling of a roll of toilet paper, doesn't it? and i LOVE niall in those red pj's. too freaking cute.

  2. It gives me heart palpitations just looking at those couch pictures! What are you doing to your mommy, Niall?! We have a bunch of those unchildproofable zones and they are absolutely Nate magnets. His favorite new game is pulling the lamp plug out of the childproofed outlet. Great fun :)

  3. Love those pictures- he's such a cutie! We have a few of those places in our house too- the biggest one being the computer!

    Love the couch by the way, we have the same one, in the same exact color :)


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