Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Sprang... and then it left

Spring had sprung, even if only for a hot second, so we sprang with it last Friday. 75 degrees, t-shirts without jackets and the lightest pants we could find (since those summer clothes bins are still stacked against the moldy basement walls). We were off to the park.

It's really going to be like a whole new chapter for us when the warm weather officially rolls around. This time last year, Niall was still strapped to my chest like an extra appendage.

last March

Now he's calling the shots on which way we'll go, which toys we'll play with, and how long we'll be staying.

And I can't wait for all of it-- except breaking the news when it's time to go home. That part, not so fun.

The last vivid memory I have from last spring was the first time I put him in the baby swing. He was just about 5 months old and I had to stuff a big beach towel around him to make sure he didn't topple over.

All it took was one push. Let me tell you, he LOVED it. Giddy with laughter.  I actually posted a video of it on the blog.

So how interesting is it that now he HATES the swing? I'm amazed how their little personalities are constantly changing and evolving. He wants to be a big boy now; he wants to watch the older kids play cops & robbers and follow them (from a cautious distance) on the playground equipment.

He even wants to try bouncing on the dreaded duck- the duck that was so scary, he wouldn't touch it a month ago.

Which means a lot of fun things to come.  But it also means that I have to climb on all this stuff to make sure he doesn't fall. This involves crawling through tunnels that my body wasn't meant to fit inside and stepping on other little kids as I try not to lose my grip on Niall's little hand.

And I'm not kidding, I really accidentally stepped on a little girl. At which point, I profusely apologized to the girl and her mom, and realized that it was officially inappropriate for me to crawl through little kids' tunnels.

It took some convincing to get Niall to give the toddler playground a shot, but he did it. Sorry, little big man, wimpy slide it is :)

We'll be on the big kid equipment soon.  In time, eager beaver; in time ;)

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  1. I am so excited about spring and nice weather too! It's amazing how different Avery is now compared to fall last year. She just started walking right as the weather was getting cold, so this year will be so fun. Any day the weather is even just a little nice, we are sure to be found outside. So ready for it to get here and STAY here!!


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