Friday, February 25, 2011


Impulse buys are generally not in my nature. I write a very specific list when I go to the grocery store, I avoid walking by cute shops in the mall (or the mall altogether), and I convince myself it's kind of cool that I'm still sporting some of the same clothes that I wore when I set foot on my college campus almost 10 years ago.

Sure, go me. Still struttin! Not really, considering I always wore sweats and t-shirts.

Which explains why I have no choice but to unleash my inner shopaholic every 3 years or so. But this time it wasn't clothes...

I have a perfectly suitable camera, not more than 2 years old; great brand, great battery life, great everything. The only problem is that Niall is so active, my shots always come out blurry.

So what do I go and do? Maybe an hour of research before hopping onto Amazon to buy myself a top of the line shutter speedy-rific professional style camera.

It came over me like the uncontrollable urge to vomit. Click, click, Thank you for your purchase! Oops.

But I have to admit to all of the professional mommy photographers out there- I didn't go for the real deal. I wanted the big lens and all, but minus the talent it requires to work the thing.

I like to think I'm a photographer, but I just prefer to use the 'auto' feature. So I got the Canon Powershot SX130 IS. It has a much bigger lens and better features than the typical digital camera... and it makes me feel important (a pathetic, but worthy side note).

In my completely inexperienced and unmerited opinion, IT ROCKS.

I've never gotten pix of Niall like these before, and I've only been messing around with it.  Hopefully, I'll find it worth my time to actually sit down and read the manual one day :)

Niall loves your votes!

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  1. yay! these look great! oh, it will be so worth it. there is nothing like having great pics of your little man :)

  2. The photo's look awesome, since I started blogging & looking at all the great photos people take I've been dreaming of investing a nice camera as well, I'm very jealous! Thanks for following us by the way!

  3. Hey! Love your blog - thanks for asking me to visit. I will definitely be keeping up with your sweet family from here on!

  4. So cute! I just did the same thing--bought a new camera, that is. It looks like it was a good decision, though. The pictures look great!

  5. Yay, new cameras are so fun and the pictures are great! Enjoy playing around with it!

  6. What cute pictures!! I love the one of him running and the one in the tunnel!!


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