Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not So Fast, Big Boy

I guess I knew this day was coming. Niall has been a climber since day one, and I can honestly say I'm a little shocked that he didn't figure a way out of the crib months ago.

This morning, I walked in the room to find him half way hoisted over the rail, but his leg got stuck (Thank God), so he didn't quite make it to freedom.

Crib: 1
Niall: 0

Go crib.

Just a few hours later, I put him in the family room with Sesame Street so I could tidy up the other room. When I walked back in (not 3 minutes later), I thought I was hallucinating.

He had somehow pulled himself up onto the couch-- without falling, turned himself around, propped his back against the cushions, and was lounging there like it was something he had been doing his whole life.

You just can't hold this kid back. He's gonna do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. Like mommy, like baby :)

So, I thought that since he is being such a big boy lately, I would try giving him a few more liberties; like having a snack outside of the high chair. I poured the crackers into a cup and let him have at it...

Innocent enough...
Dancing on the crackers is WAY more fun than eating them

Maybe we should just slow down a little. One big boy step at a time :)

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  1. Some kids are just like that. My first son climbed out of his crib before his second birthday, then there was no stopping him. My second son, would have stayed in his crib until he was 15 if I let him! They are all so different!


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