Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mommy Confessions

I really try not to be that mom who quarantines her kid during flu season, constantly wiping him down, afraid of every little particle that is floating through the air. But once they get really sick that first time, it's kind of hard not to.

I used to laugh when I saw a kid being pushed through the store in one of those padded cart protectors-- now I'm strongly considering getting one.

But I am definitely an advocate of "building immunities," I often reluctantly reassure myself after Niall has licked the bottom of his tennis shoe or grabbed onto the side of the toilet seat. It's important for them to be exposed to some extent, right?

It's all worked out pretty well for us so far. But I came to a really terrible realization last week-- I have NEVER washed Niall's hands. I only use wipes. It just didn't occur to me to hoist him up on my balancing leg and attempt to soap up his little fingers in the sink.

Do wipes do the same thing?? I'm hoping somebody says yes.

Anyway, I'm starting to realize just how germy this world can really be. I find myself scolding Niall for touching almost anything. He just has a way of finding all the things that you don't want to put your hands (or mouth) on-- trash can lids, toilets, car keys, coins, shopping carts, elevator buttons...

... and I let him walk around the doctors office barefoot last week because I just couldn't hold him any longer.  It's like trying to get control of a bucking bronco.  This boy does not like to be held back.

Bottom line: keeping kids clean is hard work... and I'm not sure that it's worth it.  I think I'm going back to my mindset of building immunities and hope for the best ;)

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  1. Those doctor's office floors are clean. When I was a nurse we had people scrubbing those bad boys a few times a day. If any body fluid gets on the floor (vomit/blood/etc), they get scrubbed again before the room is used again.

    Antibac wipes aren't quite as good as washing hands--but they will kill the major germs, so I'm pretty sure you're just fine :)

    I hope that makes you feel a little bit better.

  2. confession: i use one of those padded cart things! but mostly because parker is so little & i like having some cushion in there since he tends to bounce around in there still. but yeah, i frequently cringe as i pull cheerios out of his mouth that he finds after they'd been laying on the ground for a day or two. ick.


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