Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cruise to Nowhere

I don't think I've ever been off mommy duty for 3 full days before.  Naturally, I spent the first hour or two wondering how much McDonald's my husband would pump into my sweet angel's pure, untainted body.  But after that, I honestly completely forgot about him.

Don't get me wrong, I am obviously thrilled and excited to come home when it's all over-- but when I'm there, I'm there.  I think it's good to live by the "be here now" philosophy as much as possible.

We had a 4 hour drive to NYC with 6 girls and 12 bags of luggage... in one car (SUV).  Yes, we are extremely resourceful and tolerant of traveling with large canvas food bags shoved between our legs and no head rests. 

Here's the shocker, though.  We didn't go out for a bachelorette weekend in NYC, but a cruise to nowhere.  This giant cruise ship just goes out into the ocean for the night and comes back the next day.  Which means ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!  Which is exactly what we did.

I found pretty much any excuse to go back to the restaurant at any point during the day/night.  After-afternoon snack, pre-dinner snack, 3am post midnight snack.  You get the idea.  There was food, there was lots of it, it was meant to be eaten :)

Then there was dancing.  Oh, was there dancing.  My favorite :)

And there was a little adorable 70ish year old couple who blew all the rest of us out of the water.  They danced to every song, especially the ones that we thought they would surely not enjoy (Lady Gaga, Kesha, etc).  Nope, they liked all of them.

I just hope that Matt will be in a wheelchair when we're their age, so I can force him onto the dance floor with me.  If he could walk, he would never go up there.  At least if I'm in control, I can wheel him around wherever I want.  Sorry Matt, this is your fate :)

Anyway,  I snuck out at one point of being out-danced by the old folks, and decided to make better use of my talents by snapping some shots of the view just before sunset...

Good night, big apple.

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  1. sounds like an absolute BLAST. i am so jealous! enjoy :)

  2. Looks and sounds like so much fun! My husband reeeally wants to go to NYC someday. It's on our "bucket list." That last picture is aMAZing!

  3. I found a blurry picture of you doing the air guitar...it's fantastic. Thanks so much for being part of my night, it was a blast!!! Can't wait for the wedding!


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