Monday, February 28, 2011

Boogies and Rain

There's something about a baby being sick that is just so... wrong. Projectile vomiting, eyes swollen shut, and red blotchy skin that has been rubbed raw from wiping that never ending stream of boogies. It just makes me want to cry.

Don't get me wrong- I'm very thankful that we were able to go 14 months without so much as one little hiccup. But month 15 has been pretty brutal on this poor boy.

He threw up every single day for a week at the beginning of February (stomach bug), and then had a bad reaction to his vaccinations last week, which coincidentally led to a terrible head cold with fever.

I was pretty sure he was going to hawk up a small human being in one of those heaving, phlegm filled coughs. But even in the dredges of those worst 12 hours or so, the little trooper still managed to put on his happy face as the slowly constricting pin holes we call nostrils became completely barricaded with snot.  Fresh air always does the trick.

Well, he tried to be happy most of the time...

I've recently turned to this sick and twisted delight in taking pictures of things that "would be perfect for the blog!!", even if it involves someone else's misery.  Sorry, Niall.

But before we forced ourselves to get out there and soak up some breezy skies, we did a lot of this...

Much needed snuggling and Sesame Street :)

And a little rain watching the next day, a personal favorite of mine...

And now, after a long & restful weekend, life is back to good.

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  1. pooooor niall!!! glad to hear he is getting better. parker hasn't had anything more than a stuffy nose in his first 10 months & i already dread the day he gets a stomach bug. DREAD it. there is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain.

  2. Poor baby! Good to hear he's recovering. Little sick babies are definitely NOT a good deal. My heart breaks every time my little one gets sick. I feel completely helpless.

  3. Oh no, poor Niall! Sick babies are the worst! The only good thing is the cuddles you get since they are too miserable to do anything and just want to be held by their mom. Glad he is feeling better, sounds like a rough couple of weeks!


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