Monday, January 17, 2011

Mommy Confessions

So it's January.  So Christmas day came and went almost a month ago, and Thanksgiving almost two.  I get it.  I just don't see why I have to waste all these perfect little outfits just to correspond with Hallmark's greeting card schedule.

And for that very reason, I decided to make Niall continue wearing his festive holiday garb until it doesn't fit him any more.  I simply refuse to throw an outfit into one of those basement tubs until it's been worn at least 5 times.  Yes, it's slightly compulsive, I know...

Exhibit A: "Team Santa" with reindeer on it

Let's be honest- who knows if the next kid will be in that exact size for his or her first Christmas, for goodness sake??  I can't just risk an outfit being worn once and then forever retired.  It's wayyy too upsetting for me.

Exhibit B:  "I'm thankful" Thanksgiving shirt

 Exhibit C: "Elf in Training" shirt

It works great for hanging out around the house.  Who cares if he's wearing a Santa shirt with red velvet pants?  But I guess it doesn't work so great when you leave the house and take the kid's coat off in public.  I kinda forget about things being socially acceptable.

And on a side note, you should also probably know that I make him wear his shirts that are too small for him as pajama tops.   I like to think of it as being creative ;)

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  1. Don't feel badly - yesterday I stayed in my pajamas and Mason wore a Halloween outfit LOL

  2. Wonderful, I'm not the only one holding out on holiday clothes this year. Even more I bought Christmas PJ yesterday for my son because they were a good sale item and nice and warm too. :)

  3. Hey my kid was the only kid at the children's museum today running around in only a pull up. That's right, practically naked. Oh I brought him in a normal outfit, but it just didn't stick I guess....

  4. oh man! henry is STILL wearing his holiday outfits too! love it!


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