Monday, January 10, 2011

Mommy Confessions

I'm not gonna lie, I get a little jealous of the mom bloggers who snap amazing photos of their kids using amazing cameras and then use amazing editing software to make the photos even more amaze-afied.

I never claimed to be a good photographer and I never even wished for a super cool big lens camera. Just your basic run o' the mill digital power shot will do it for me. And although I'm not aiming to make your jaw drop with my Niall pictures, I do expect a little better than this...

As it turns out, you need to become a professional photographer once your baby turns 1; once he decides that he's not going to sit still ever again.

It's become such a rare occasion that if Niall sits in my lap for more than 3 seconds, I start sweating trying to stay perfectly still, for fear that I will prompt him to squirm and ruin the moment.

Which brings me to another confession (aside from my mom blogger photo jealousy)-- my obnoxious "perfect photo" perseverance.

If you went through my camera at any given point in time, you would find 15-20 of the same exact picture over and over again, trying to get it "just right."

You would think that when I get 4 or 5 blurry photos in a row, I would just let it go and try again another day. But once I get it in my mind that this particular location with this particular outfit would make a cute photo, I'm not letting this poor boy off the hook.

 Finally, here's what I was going for...

It gets to the point where he starts growling at the camera and slaps it out of my hand in frustration.  And I can't blame him.  I imagine it must be something like Lindsay Lohan trying to walk down the street with 782 flashes going off in her face.

I guess I need to learn when to say when.  Add it to the resolutions list ;)

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  1. So I guess you can appreciate the fuzzy Iphone photos I put on my blog :). I am the very same way, I keep trying to get the shot, begging my children to "look at mommy!" "Don't make that face!" "Sit still" "look at mommy!" It's useless...

  2. I got my DSLR when my daughter was 18 months old. I finally hit the point of 'no more' with the fuzzy pictures from my old camera, and purely by accident (I swear!) it took a hard fall onto our patio and went to camera heaven. My husband and I talked about it and decided to invest the money in a nicer camera. I couldn't be happier that I did!

  3. oh my friend, i have been there. oh yes... i have. lucky for you, niall is still super cute, even when he is a little bit blurry!! :)

  4. Oh man, I totally agree with you!! Except, I HAVE a super fancy nice DSLR camera only I have no clue how to use it nor the time to learn! So 90% of my pictures are crappy phone pictures! I'm at the point where "30 half okay pictures a day is better than 1 excellent photo every few weeks" so I keep snapping away with the cell phone LOL

  5. most of my photos are taken with a crappy sony panoramic. have you tried editing your pics with picnic ( it's super easy and can make any crappy picture ten times better! you can brighten the lighting, sharpen the image, even adjust the color tones PLUS brighten eyes and whiten's crazy! i think your pictures are just great! and i do the same thing, taking millions of the same shot just to get the right one. my problem then is i find something adorable of henry in each one and can't bring myself to erase. SO MANY PICTURES! AHHHH!


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