Monday, January 3, 2011

Mommy Confessions

There's just no denying it: winter makes me lazy.  It always has and it probably always will.  December to February, it ain't happenin no matter how hard I try.

I went from happily taking 40 minute morning walks with Niall 6 days a week... to now acting like I deserve a medal of honor for pulling out the stroller one morning per week.

I refuse to set foot outside the door before 10am and I look for any excuse to call off our little trips to the park.  It's pretty pathetic, and I can tell poor Niall is getting cabin fever.

So I decided to suck it up and take a 20 minute play date (just Niall and me), where we discovered that the park just isn't the same when your hands are tied up and bungeed together with snow mittens and you have so many layers of clothes on that it's impossible to stand up.


So what's a mom to do?  Well, I'll tell you.  You resort to a lot of trickery.  A lot of "Isn't this so much more fun than the park??" when referring to simple tasks such as bathing, looking out the window, and using hampers as magical forts.


Ok, it doesn't always work ;)

And the occasional stuffed animal feast...whatever works :)

I swear things will be different soon- just give me about 2 more months to thaw!

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  1. OMGosh! How cute is that little dude all bundled up at the park??!! What a sweetie. But I'm the same way. I love to be outside w/my boys, going for walks, playing catch...but once, it's a frozen tundra, I don't EVER want to leave my house!

  2. You have such a cutie there! Cold weather makes me so utterly lazy. Can't wait to thaw out a little so I can exercise again! Thanks for the follow...nice to meet you!

  3. Yess same here! I still take j out and too the park- only because he's Miserable inside if I dont, but i defintely dont enjoy it nearly as much. My laziness in the winter is more about the fact that I havent done my elliptical or yoga DVD since November. Every day I say tomorrow I'll start....I might actually try to do it tonight if i have the energy..blah.

  4. ha! and i have the opposite problem! :) summer comes and it's SO hot i don't want to go outside or do ANYTHING. everything becomes a chore. blah!
    p.s. wanted to let you know that i gave you a shout out on the memos - one of my 2010 bloggin buds. :)

  5. Two words: the Mall. warm, safe, food, play areas and other people. Yes, I am escaping the cold too.

  6. I'm totally the same way! I FORCED myself to go to a play group at the library today because I have been so lazy. I'm glad I did, but it will definitely be hard to work up the motivation when it's nasty outside. Yuck. I keep inventing new games to play with the stuffed animals. Nate loves feeding them and making beds out of blankets for them. Let's hope that enthusiam lasts another two or three months :) Love that you can see your reflection in the door shots. Very cool!

  7. Lol the one in the park make me burst out in laughter. He looks like, "Wow, this sucks!"

    I TOTALLY know how you feel. Today I enrolled us in a Program our county puts on called SKIP (Special Kids Involved Parents) and it's basically free preschool that you as a parent can stay at. They also do field trips at least once a week.
    I am also going to get him enrolled in a tumbling class. I thought, "Why not?" since the Gymnastics club is right across the street.

    You could look at to find a play group..maybe even a walking group ;)

  8. you should do stroller strides! look up their website & see if there's a group around you. I love getting together with other moms & getting outta the house... and getting a workout :)

  9. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog when my Google Analytics sent me a message. My blog is called Mommy Confessions and has been around since March 2007. Google alerts sometimes sends me a message when Mommy Confessions shows up on their radar. Anyway, so glad it popped up. I'm enjoying reading your blog. If you are ever interested in putting up one of your "mommy confessions" as a guest post over at Mommy Confessions, just let me know. We'd love to have you.
    Take care.


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