Friday, January 14, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

I used to get pretty annoyed with people thinking I was a girl.  I mean, come on-- my favorite outfit is a pair of cargo pants with a skull and crossbone t-shirt.  But I've decided to put all that behind me.

Today, my girlish features finally paid off.  I went out to lunch with mommy and Aunt Caitlin, where they tried to stuff my gullet with ucky beans and healthy pumpkin muffins.  But suddenly, out of nowhere, my amazing looks saved me.

This nice old man couldn't help but stop and comment on how cute I was.  So cute, he claimed, that it was hard to believe this beautiful face was the mug of a boy.  And proceeded to send an ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and 2 cherries my way!

And boy, do I like cherries...  holding them and rubbing them on my pants-- not so much eating them.  

Mommy needs to take a few food pointers from this guy.  If she likes healthy food so much, why couldn't she keep her paws off MY ice cream?  I'm trying to enjoy my cute baby prize and she has to butt in and steal half the thing.

She claims that I wouldn't have been able to eat it all myself.  What a ridiculous assumption.  If she could just step off for a second and get the spoon out of her mouth, I would have happily polished it off.  Oh well, I guess sharing is caring :)

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  1. haha- what a nice man! And Everyone thinks Jasper is a girl. Might be the mile long eyelashes, longish hair and gender neutral clothing he sometimes wears. Doesn't bother him!

  2. Aw, lucky Niall! I can't believe people think he looks like a girl. He looks like such a little boy to me. Isn't funny how people love giving babies food? I was not prepared for the odd free food that comes Nate's way. An ice cream sundae is really over the top - how fun! What a sweet man :)

  3. I can't stand it when people say, "Oh She's so beautiful!" I just say, "Oh, he's a boy. But I still think he's beautiful." lol I mean, he's wearing BOY clothes.

    So nice of him to give you ice cream Niall! Get it however you can hehe

  4. oh wow, that is awesome! way to charm the strangers niall :)


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