Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 Birds of a Feather

From day one, it has always been all about daddy. "Dadda" when he wakes up and frantically searches for Matt in our bedroom; "Dadda" when he hears a door open; and "DADDA!!" when Matt finally gets home from work.

He went through a short phase where he did actually utter the word "mama" around 8 months, but he has certainly made up for it in the almost half a year since then. He literally will not say anything except dadda. Not one word.

But why should he? Daddy is his bestest friend ever. I think he was born with some kind of genetic coding that told him "daddy is sooo much cooler than mommy- stick with him."  (I know I sound resentful, but it's all in good fun).

I will turn blue with exhaustion from crossing my eyes, dancing around like a lunatic, and trying to make silly noises for this boy. All daddy has to do is throw a fake punch and Niall is doubled over laughing.  He still shows his mama some love, so it's ok...

They do make a great team, those two. And I've gotten over my jealousy and really grown to like it. For more than just the cute father son relationship aspect of it...

You see, daddy likes to clean. Did I say like? I meant LOVE. I meant obsessed. He cleans the floors every night. And now Niall likes to help him. How cute/ amazing is this?

Child labor?  I think not.  It's called exploring your talents :)

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  1. So NIALL is STANDING UP!?!? Is he walking around, Ker?!?!?!

  2. I almost died when I saw the pic of him with the red hoover. That's awesome!

  3. Yea, he's walking now! He started walking and vacuuming in the same day ;)

  4. LOVE the vacuuming! This is so sweet. Nate is the same way - only said Dadda/Daddy FOREVER. I think he was 15 months before he said Mama in relation to me. And all Dave has to do is make a funny face or use a funny voice and Nate is hysterical. I've read that baby/father relationship can be an intense one since they have to fit more in, in a smaller time (particularly when the mommy stays home).

  5. have you ever seen this video? girl, Niall is incredible and it was so fun watching you put PJ's on the squirly punk! he's amazing - you and matt are AMAZING! okay, check out this video. it's hilarious... maybe you and niall can crack up, kill some time, and rip some paper!



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