Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Favorite Things

I feel like things are about to get really busy (AKA I'm about to get really lazy and soak up all the Christmas in the air). So, I think it's important that I put it all out on the table- all the things I love about the holiday season.

There are certain things that only have to enter my mind for a split second, and I can't hold back the ear to ear smile. The things that make this season THE season. Unfortunately, most of them are comfort items and not Jesus related, but I do appreciate that Jesus is the reason for the season :)

In fact, the children's mass is one of my absolute favorite parts about Christmas. I even went out of my way to go to the kid's mass a few times before Niall was in the picture- it's that much better than the regular version.

I was often tempted to shout out some of the answers to nativity bingo, but I held myself back. Let the children have their fun, right? I was also embarrassed that I was wrong about a few obvious ones... good thing I kept my mouth shut.

But, let's get to my selfish, warm and fuzzy holiday season list:

  • hot anything (chocolate, lattes, cider, tea) in a Christmas mug with whipped cream
  • re-doing the ornaments a hundred times until they all look perfectly spaced
  • Christmas music (24/7, starting the day after Thanksgiving, please)
  • sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles
  • neighborhood drives, looking for the best Christmas lights
  • watching all of the classic Christmas movies (my absolute musts are "Christmas Vacation," "Home Alone," "Elf" and "It's a Wonderful Life")-- I know, Christmas Story is missing, but that just wasn't one of my all time faves for some reason
  • sitting in perfect silence in front of the tree the night before Christmas, when all of the presents are wrapped and placed perfectly
  • leaving cookies and milk out by the fireplace for Santa (this will be my first year doing that since I was about 9 years old!)
  • opening presents in jammies (A Must!)
  • a big, unhealthy breakfast Christmas morning
  • waking up to a white Christmas
  • finishing opening all the presents by the tree, and then remembering there are stockings ;)

What are your favorite things about the holiday season?

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  1. oh man, i love all these things! i am loving being a parent at christmas. even though parker is way too small to know what's up, it's fun to pass on the traditions, like getting new pj's for him to wear on christmas eve, picking out cookies for santa, showing him the christmas tree lights every morning, he loves them! i love your list :)

  2. As one of your best friends who understands your need for organization...

    My favorite things are ripping through the wrapping paper quickly and making a huge mess. I will confess I have never once considered that ornaments should be evenly spaced. I will also tell you that I recently threw my presents under the Christmas tree, on the way out the door.

    But, mainly I agree with the rest of the list.

  3. NOOO Caitlin!! You're ruining my perfect Christmas ;)

  4. I LOVE remembering that there are stockings. That is my absolute favorite part. Hope you, Niall and Matt had a very Merry Christmas!!!


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