Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Santa!

One of my favorite perks about being a mom is discovering all these cool community (free) events that I never would have known about pre-baby.  I search online for family friendly activities because I want Niall to be able to do fun things, but the truth is they're all things that I would actually enjoy even if Niall weren't in the picture.

And now Niall is a good excuse to force Matt to attend with me ;) 

Last weekend, Bethesda held its annual Winter Wonderland with live ice sculpting, local middle school choirs and, of course, the big man in red... pulling up in a corvette convertible??  (the sleigh must be in the shop).

I was really excited to see that they left the pick axes and electric sawzalls out to make the whole experience more authentic and memorable ;)

My friend and I were anxious to see how the boys would react to Santa- they were either going to love him or be scared out of their minds.  Only time would tell.

Turns out, Niall seemed to like the guy.  But it was hard to tell if he was doing a genuine smile or his squirmy "I'm on the verge of flipping out" smile.  Either way, it made a great picture.

But little Jack, on the other hand, was not too thrilled by the creepy beardy man in the red suit.  Poor guy!

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  1. hahaha, poor jack! that is hilarious. way to be fearless niall :)


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