Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

It should come as no big surprise that I like to go all out for the Christmas season... or that I lose my cool and go all Chevy Chase when the lights won't work and the tree tips over in its stand. But regardless of all the glitches, I LOVE Christmas!

I start having daydreams the morning after Thanksgiving, of me holding a cup of eggnog, making (and eating) Christmas cookies, laughing at my 3 favorite holiday movies: Christmas Vacation, Elf and Home Alone (in that order).

I've come to terms with the fact that I'll be watching these movies completely alone because everyone else is completely sick of them. But I'm one of those people who has no problem watching the same movie 300 times if it's a good one.

I make a tradition out of watching these flicks year after year, and I'll laugh on cue like it's the first time I've seen it.

With that being said, onto the ugly side of Christmas. Or what always seems to become the ugly side...

We all know that you don't just pull out a perfectly untangled ball of lights, insert a perfectly cut tree into a perfect fitting tree stand, and nail a stocking into the mantle without wacking yourself in the finger. Obviously ;)

But I have to give myself props for keeping my cool (for the most part) this year. It was the hubs who totally lost it. One of us held the tree still, steady and centered; while the other screwed in the little anchors in the tree stand. We did this about 3 times, each attempt a complete failure, ending in the tree either falling against the wall or smack dab on top of us.

Matt proceeded to drag the tree-- in its stand-- filled with water-- and the tree skirt attached-- through the house and threw it outside on the front yard... proceeded to storm down to the basement and came up with a large saw (again a lot like Chevy Chase).

I quickly moved out of his way. I figured he had some kind of logical purpose, but I knew it was a bad idea to start aggressively sawing branches off with no gloves (or a sound mind). And sure enough, I was right. But I was pleasantly surprised that he merely sawed a huge gash in his knuckle and didn't saw his entire finger off.

But regardless of the sometimes frustrating process, all the bumps along the way, we finished. And that's all that matters. I even painted some of my own ornaments this year!

Here's the finished product (notice all the ornaments start half way up the tree so that Niall can't get to them). It will be interesting to see if Niall manages to gently touch the tree and not knock it over.  By the way, what's the deal with tree toppers??  I've been looking for an angel for 2 years now and can only find a star.  Boo, I want an angel.  Let me know if you know where I can find one :)

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  1. sorry to hear about your tree fiasco, but i LOVE your painted ornaments! where'd you get 'em & what kind of paint do you have to use??

  2. I got them really cheap last year on clearance from a craft store (maybe AC Moore or Michael's)... it was a pack of 12 for about $4 and I have different paints just lying around. Some are acrylic, some glass enamel- they all seem to work fine :)

  3. I love the painted ornaments too! Very cute. And I'm sorry Matt cut a gash in his finger :( At least you're up and running now! I got a gold wire and pearl angel at Pier1 a few years ago. It's funny, because I've been wanting a star! I finally got one this year and of course it's too heavy for our tiny flimsy tree. Oh well...maybe next year.


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