Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good News and Bad News

The good news...

The bad news...

I was doing a million things the other night- trying to get dinner started, clean the bathroom, wrap some presents, get ready for a hockey game with Matt (as in a real date!), and distract Niall with some kind of activity to get all of this done.

Unfortunately, 5-7pm is not Niall's best time for being cooperative.  It's cling time.  Cling for dear life onto my leg, crying & howling, until he literally pulls my pants right off of me.  It was about 5:30 at the time, so I was out of luck. 

Niall just would not let me do what I needed to do, so I decided to let him tag along for some of my little chores.  After all, he just wants to be included in what I'm doing... which happened to be cleaning toilets.

He was clinging to my leg as I squirted the toilet cleaner in the bowl and started scrubbing with the brush.  He suddenly (but not surprisingly) became fascinated with the whole toilet cleaning deal and decided to un-cling from my leg and clasp onto the bowl.  But not the regular old toilet seat part-- the nasty part under the seat.  The bare bowl.  The pee and germ covered bowl.  But it doesn't stop there...

I just wanted to get it done and I only needed another 2 seconds.  I decided that it wasn't worth a temper tantrum- I would let him hold onto the bowl and wash his hands really, REALLY well after I finished. 

But one thing led to another and all of a sudden, Granny Bags showed up to babysit... I realized the next day that I NEVER washed his hands!  Followed by several flashbacks of all the food he shoved into his mouth with his bare hands after the incident.

God help us!!  Please tell me you can top this bad mommy story...

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  1. :) We have ALL been there. Or at least me. I can't think of a story at the top of my head- maybe its because I'm going on 3 hrs of sleep with a croup child, but I'll think of one to top yours!!

  2. don't sweat it. i'm posting a picture tomorrow for wordless wednesday that comes close. he'll be fine. i've heard of kids playing in un-flushed toilets before, or found mowing down on their dirty diapers. gotta build up those immunities, right??


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