Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Cold Shoulder

Even though Niall is only a year old, I still think about and dread the moment when he becomes too cool to give me the time of day.  We all remember the teen years; when we wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with our parents on a Friday night...  and we probably had no idea how much it actually hurt their feelings. 

Well, Niall gave his daddy a big ol' dose of the cold shoulder last night- and let me tell you, it stung.  I say this from an outside perspective, so I can only imagine how much it hurt Matt.

We have no idea what he did wrong, but we know the exact moment it happened.  Every night, when Matt walks in, it's like the world stands still as that big, beaming smile stretches across Niall's face.  "Dadda!!!"  Which is exactly what happened last night.  But about an hour later, something switched off.

Niall was playing with Matt's phone and we think he may have zapped himself or something, and got the idea that Matt hurt him.  He suddenly wouldn't let Matt touch him, running (crawling) to my arms for me to save him from his horrible daddy.

We both looked at each other, confused, wondering what was going on.  So Matt came over to try to give Niall a hug, and Niall literally pushed Matt's face away.  It started out as a joking "You're hurting daddy's feelings," as Matt put on his best pouty face.  But when bedtime rolled around and Niall wouldn't even let Matt kiss him goodnight, I could tell it was really getting to him.

Matt was seriously so upset.  It almost made me cry!  I can't imagine if Niall held some kind of grudge against me and wouldn't let me near him.  I would just die.  Matt went to bed really shaken up about it, but just as I suspected, Niall had completely forgotten about it the next morning and gave his daddy a big smile and hug before work.

The moral of the story:  I don't ever want to be on this kid's bad side!  Has your little one ever given you the cold shoulder?  It must be brutal, especially when it comes to discipline- trying to do the right thing to teach important life lessons, but making him temporarily hate you :(

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  1. My baby fell and banged his head on my husband's watch once, and he wouldn't let his dad near him all weekend! My husband felt horrible! I also dread the day when he will be too cool for me... especially since baby is slipping quickly into toddler!

  2. First of all- your little dude is SOOOO cute! Ok- with that said- I hav 4 little boys, and inevitably, yes, I've been on their bad side...and it sucks! I try really hard not to yell at them in anger because it creates such a distance b/t us. And when you have to tell them "No" on something they really want/want to sucks. I want to give them the world...but I also have to teach them. Afterall, I am raising the men of tomorrow! And I want them to be amazing!


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