Monday, December 20, 2010

Cakes and Pies, Cakes and Pies!

I thought I knew what good cake tasted like... not too fluffy, not too dense, perfectly moist, perfectly creamy and buttery. Not too much frosting-- but definitely not too little. Ahhh, heaven.

I thought I knew.  But I didn't.  Not until a holiday baking class with some of Matt's family (girls, obvi) this past weekend.  Just what I needed to recover from filing a missing persons report, only to find out that my hubby was in the slammer.

We thought it was a Christmas cookie decorating class- which almost seems funny, looking back, because how hard can it be to put food coloring in your frosting and smear it on your sugar cookies?  Which is why we did something SO much better...

Christmas Cakes, woo-hooo!

We were given 2 amazingly delicious cake rounds, butter cream frosting, fondant, tons of sprinkles and decorations, and the most important tool for a cake boss-- the turn table.  You thought those were just for DJ's, huh?

The 'bakers' (?)-- what do you call these people anyway?  I don't want to offend anyone by messing up their special title; it's probably "pastry artist" or something nifty like that.  Anyway, they showed us how to make the perfect batter, how to ice the cake so that those nooks, crannies and crevices get filled and smoothed, and how to work with fondant to make everything all spiffy and pretty looking.

I'm not gonna lie, I got totally into it and barely talked to the other 4 people I was with.  But it was like trying to play jenga after too many glasses of eggnog-- it took everything I had not to make all of my icing fall off or the fondant to crumble and break into pieces. 

I was so excited to see the finished product, and naturally, it was the hardest thing to bring myself to desecrate this holy vessel by cutting a piece out of it.  But we all know it had to be done. 

After the one day hump, it got easier and easier, so we are now down to half a cake.  And as beautiful as the fondant is, it's just a huge waste of time in terms of taste, so we've pretty much deconstructed the whole thing to get all the bows and ribbons off of there.

Cut to the chase, let's eat!

And, oops, after indulging in the best cake ever... I realized that I forgot to take the printed copy of the recipe they were giving out!  I'm in the dog house with Matt :(

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  1. I'm so impressed - that's an awesome cake!!!

  2. That is gorgeous! Fondant really does make a pretty cake, but it's not very yummy. Glad the rest of the cake was delish! My hubby ended up in the ER over the weekend and it make me think of you. (He's fine now. Luckily, broken bones heal!) Hope you and Matt recovered from the jail trauma!

  3. Love your beautiful cake. I am such a klutz with cakes. I am lucky if it comes out of the pan in one piece and the icing doesn't pull parts of it off while I'm trying to get it all covered. Pies are more my style, but then sister and friends laugh about my tough pastry. Can't win.

  4. Simply yummy!

    A delight to meet you today! I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to get seriously drenched in goodness.

    Have a joy filled, love overlfow Christmas,


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