Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Year Overdue

I guess it would be a little over a year ago now that my nesting instinct should have kicked in. I hear that some people even get it months and months before the baby is due.  Not me.

I waited for that obsession of "cute nursery mania" to set in for a while in those last few months, but it never really came. I was thinking more about logistical things like how to install a car seat and loading up on diapers and how many different types of strollers I could fit in my trunk. Decorating the nursery was the last thing on my mind.

Until this week. The nesting instinct finally took over me. And let me tell you, it came on strong.  It was all I could think about.  I guess it was probably triggered by the guilt of Niall turning one in less than 2 weeks, and not having a single framed photo or decoration up in his room.  That, and the fact that the room was still only half his...

I realized last week that I could no longer use parts of this room as an office/ storage space when I had to remind Niall for the hundredth time that the printer and cords shoved under the desk by the window were not for playing. I am aware that this is a ridiculous request, considering all he knows how to do is explore things.  Not to mention this is his room, for cryin' out loud.  He should be able to poke and prod at whatever he pleases in this nursery- it was time for an overhaul.

So I finally did it!  I'm so proud of myself.  With the help of the hubs, we put up shelves, framed pictures, toy bins, a cute lamp, the whole shabang.  We even put up those little baby hand and footprint plaques- only problem was that we had to leave the fake model prints in there because Niall's feet are too big at this point.  No biggie- sometimes, you have to improvise ;) 

Ok, you caught me.  Yes, that is a decorative plaque on the ground to the right.  I didn't quite get to hanging everything.  It should go up this weekend-- keyword "should." 

Anyway, Niall's reaction was so cute because he has never seen a picture of himself- or any of us, really.  It was kind of pathetic.  So, now he smiles and points at them, exclaiming "Da!" or "Dis!" whenever he passes one.  It's like I've been depriving him of happiness and learning for the last 12 months.  Ah, better late than never I guess.

Now I shouldn't have to do anything for the second kid, right?  If it's a girl, I hope she likes blue!

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  1. Was that Uncle Mike's gift or an upgraded version?

  2. That was Uncle Mike's- just a little late putting it to use ;)

  3. Haha - I didn't have any nesting instinct kick in either. I was really counting on it, because I am a messy, messy packrat by nature. Nate's room is STILL in need of pictures. I did manage to stick up some of those animal wall decals (which I realize now are probably totally toxic...sigh...) and two pictures. But we still have a lot of work to do. Looks good!

  4. a lovely entry! greetings from Germany

  5. Don't worry, I didn't finish Avery's room until just a couple week ago! Pretty funny though I have to admit. The room looks great, you did an incredible job!


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