Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Serious Confusion

Sometimes my ideas are better in theory than in real life.  I've been wanting to do a funny family portrait card ever since Niall was born, but last Christmas was a little hectic with him being just a month old... and then there really wasn't a good excuse for a family portrait after the holidays. 

So I started thinking about ideas for this monumental occasion a few (more like 6, to be exact) months ago.  I wanted it to be one of those serious but joking types of pictures- ones that only the people closest to you can really "get" what you're trying to pull off.  Everyone else would probably look at it and think, "What the ???"

Which is exactly what happened to me at my wedding.  I had a similar idea about our wedding song.  Matt is really into music, but it all just happens to be depressing kill yourself music- not ideal for a first dance.  I was all about the cute fun songs like David Gray and Billy Joel and Van Morrison.

Most men would probably just let the woman pick the song and go with it.  But Matt's music passion prevented him from being able to back down.  He was not going to give in and dance to some "lame" song with 250 people watching him.  And I knew that it would not be a very genuine couple's dance if it was something that only I liked.  So we decided to just make a joke of the whole thing and pick some ridiculous soft rock 90s song.  Surely, people would know that we were joking, right?

Wrong.  Crickets and blank stares.  Our initial plan was to keep a straight face through the whole thing, but when it started getting uncomfortably awkward, we decided to laugh and make a bigger joke of it.  And yet still, I'm pretty sure 1/2 the guests had no idea that "On the Wings of Love" was not some sentimental and meaningful melody between us.

So our Christmas card will be in the same spirit- the young family and friends will probably laugh, while the older crowd/ distant relatives will probably be severely confused.  I couldn't upload the actual card template, but this is the picture we used.  What do you think?  Obviously joking or hard to tell?

PS. Matt is really embarrassed about his man boob in this pic.  I wouldn't have even noticed until he pointed it out, but now I can really see it!

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  1. bahaa I would totally laugh if I got a card like taht..but some people? ya never know. Good for you guys though! love it

  2. haha, hilarious. last year sam wanted to have our friend's baby in the picture with us... who is black. then we were like, ok, half our friends would laugh & be like "wtf??" and the other half would be like, "oh, i guess they adopted." haha. ya win some ya lose some.

    LOL at man boob. awesome.

  3. I am dying laughing. If people don't realize this is a joke, then they don't deserve to live. Just kidding, but seriously, if they don't get it then it just doesn't matter, because this is too freaking funny. I have a joke card idea as well, involving my dog. Squatting. Dave won't let it be our official card, but I think I might just get a few made and send it to those special people in my life :) ps Tell Matt that man boobs are hot!

  4. Hahahaha, ok the black baby and the squatting dog are AWESOME Christmas card ideas- I hope you guys go through with them!

  5. Kerry this is completely hysterical! And it totally seems that Niall cooperated with that awesome face he's making. I love that you didn't just do the traditional cheesy pic. How many families are this fun?!

  6. Ally told me about your first dance song. One of the funniest things I have ever heard. So much so that I have told complete strangers about it. This Christmas card is the bomb. Man boob and all. Tell your hubby I never would have noticed until I read about it.

  7. I love it! Makes me want to come up with an idea for ours. And tell Matt it looks like he has very well defined pecs.

  8. This is hysterical, but once again people may not get it, but who cares as long as you guys can look back and laugh. Matt's boob reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine sent her nipple around in her Christmas card! Next year: ugly Christmas sweaters and reindeer headbands.

  9. oh my god dude we were JUST talking about doing something similar the other night. but more of an 80s christmas sweather poofy hair kind of feel. this. is. hilarious.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAH I can't get passed how tight Matt's underarmor turtle neck is. That's my fave part of this.

    Can't wait for ours to arrive in the mail!!!!


  11. Haha! I love it, so funny! The expressions crack me up. Great idea!


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