Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pirate Party Recap

Let me start with some advice for first time parents... go to the store and see what they have for children's parties before choosing your theme.  Who would have thought "pirates" are SOOO yesterday??  I saw these cute little kid pirate invites online and decided that would be perfect.  Huge mistake- I could barely find anything pirate related in the stores.  We scoured, hunted and made do, though. 

I'm so happy (and surprised) that I was able to get some good pictures from the day.  I figured it would be tough finding the time to snap photos while entertaining guests, refilling platters, etc-- but chasing a jungle boy around the house (with doors opening and closing all over the place) made it almost impossible. 

It's actually pretty shocking that he didn't get lost at some point.  I would hand him off to someone to talk to people coming and going, and it was like a game of telephone.  I would look at the person who I handed him off to, then they had passed him to someone else, who had handed him to someone else.  I'm surprised I didn't find him swimming in the toilet by the end of the night.

I honestly think it would be an accurate guesstimate to say I was with him less than 50% of the time.  But I made sure I was by his side (or all up in his face) for the best parts...

How cool is this vintage radio flyer ride from Grammo and Grampo? 
(the night before the party)

You would think they could have made a simple pirate with an earring or treasure chest or something a little more appropriate for a one year old... but no, our only option was Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom facing off on the scrub deck ;)  It was the best sheet cake I've ever had, though!

This is so funny because I have almost the same exact picture at Jack's first birthday party- they were on 2 of Jack's ride on toys; now they're on 2 of Niall's b-day ride on toys.

Opening a few presents- I think Niall is saying "What the heck is going on here?  Those are mine!  Make some room people!"

Surprise Guest Captain Jack Sparrow arrives!

Why is everyone shouting at me?

Hmmm, interesting...

Vvvverrrry interesting!

 A pretty good day, all in all

Sigh, I guess all good things come to an end :(

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  1. That little pirate is adorable!! Watch out Johnny Depp!!

  2. Happy birthday Niall! I can't believe our boys are 1 year old!

  3. happy birthday niall! that radio flyer is the coolest thing ever.

  4. Looks like a great party! Glad you all had such a great time!

  5. Well it looks like the party was a success! The cake shots are so cute. Were you and Matt having panic attacks over the mess? ;) I think all birthdays should include Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp :)

  6. What a lovely party. Boys look cute together. It reminded me my twin son’s birthday party that I recently arranged at venue New York. Got great ideas from a good friend who really helped me a lot in arranging everything uniquely for the day. It was a themed party.


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