Monday, November 15, 2010

On a Serious Note...

Since I started this baby blog, I've come across a lot of other interesting mom blogs- some funny, some cute, and some very sad. Last week, Amy, @ A Good Life Blog, referred me to the story of a family who recently lost their 18 month old daughter, and it's really had an impact on me.

Long story short, the young couple went on a date and left little Preslee with the grandparents. Somehow or another, Preslee fell into a canal and drifted a mile and a half down stream, where she washed up to a farmer's feet. He successfully completed CPR and she was airlifted to the intensive care unit. She held on for a little while, but there was too much swelling in her brain and she passed away a week later.

preslee jo sullenger
12.17.08 - 7.16.10

It has been really tough on this family, but they have shown an incredible amount of faith and strength-- most of all, selflessness. Ashley and Patrick are now asking people to help them with a really easy way to celebrate Preslee's upcoming 2nd birthday- Project Pay it Forward.

The idea came when they were so suddenly whisked away to the hospital, completely unprepared for their week long stay. When Preslee needed their constant love and attention, the last thing they wanted to deal with was a trip to Walmart to get some basic toiletries and snacks. They are now putting baskets together for other families who are spending time in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).

I know it's tough finding time to volunteer and finding the money to make a substantial donation to an organization, so this is a really easy and practical way to do something nice for others this holiday season. Visit her blog to read their story (start at July 10, 2010 to get the full story) and get details on Project Pay it Forward: The Sullengers.

I know you'll be as touched as I was. I read her story last week and went to bed sobbing... I woke up and sobbed some more... and now, a week later, I still can't stop thinking about that family and little girl. The thought of losing Niall is too much for me to bear, as I'm sure it is for anyone who has a child. I hope you'll be able to help make Preslee's birthday a truly inspirational and unforgettable one for the Sullengers.

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  1. oh wow kerry, i was so happy to see this here today. their story is truly so so tragic, and yet, super inspirational to see their strength to go on. thanks for reposting the story & i'm glad you were as touched as i was by it. i hope i will never EVER take a day with parker for granted again.

  2. This is quite belated, but thank you for stopping by my blog!

    I remember reading about poor Preslee and her family on another blog. I think about her family often!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am totally crying just reading your post about it. My heart is breaking for her and her family. Such a sad, horrible story!

  4. I wasn't going to click the link, because the thought of losing my son is too much to even comprehend... but I did. Wow, those are amazing parents. I let my son nap in my arms as I read this and cried. It really makes you snuggle your baby just a little bit closer.


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