Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lay Mom's Bucket List

Things have been CRAZY these last 2 days- scheduling delivery of our new mattress (Thank God!!- old one was almost as old as me), going to a friend's b-day lunch 45 min away, planning Niall's 1st b-day party, preparing for grandparents to come stay with us... the list goes on and on.

But the more I think about it, the list is always going on and on. It's very rare that I get through a day and think, "hmmm, that was kind of boring- didn't have too much to do today." Which brought me to an important realization... if I'm always going to be this busy (I'm assuming it's not going to be any easier with 2 or 3 kids), how am I going to accomplish all of the extraordinary things I want to do with my life?

Most of the really ambitious things I want to do don't involve a baby-- but Niall is way better than any crazy awesome check off that list, so I decided to mix things up a bit- you know, adapt. Because that's what being a mom is all about.

I'm not going to use Niall as an excuse and just throw in the life accomplishments towel. I'm simply going to create a new list- an attainable list. A better list!

So here it is- the lay mom's bucket list...
  • go to Philly to seek out THE world's best cheese steak (which will involve indulging in at least 10 different cheese steaks with no regrets or shame)
  • write a book- I have actually written a 175 page book that I was supposed to spend the last 6 months editing and have yet to touch it. It will get done some day!
  • Find a 4 leaf clover- so help me, I feel like everyone I know has found one but I've never been able to :(
  • make my own ice cream and/or bread from scratch
  • do a podcast or comedy skit and publish it online
  • spend one Christmas with my family helping in the homeless shelter and give away all of our presents
  • have a conversation with someone who doesn't speak the same language as me
  • host a tea party- I've always wondered if women actually get together for a scheduled tea drinking and pastry eating event.  Sounds like fun!
  • roast a chestnut over an open fire
  • bike the MS 150
  • go on a short family road trip with no destination or itinerary

That's all I got- do you have any fun, easy to accomplish things on your bucket list that I can steal??

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  1. love it! Whats your book about?? And you can have a conversation with me while I speak Swedish if you want!

  2. That's a good bucket list. My parents took us on Many spur of the moment, no destination or itinerary road trips. Let me tell you those were the BEST trips! Discovering new Places on accident is so much fun. It's almost like you have found a secret treasure. So I definitely hope you do that!

  3. Thanks ladies! Well, my book is a compilation of short essays about turning the annoying little occurrences in daily life into positive learning experiences. It's told from a completely sarcastic perspective since I'm definitely not the type to find the positive in things ;)

  4. Oh, and that's awesome that you speak Swedish!

  5. I don't have a bucket list yet, I have to get on that, but I live in Philly and I say Pat's is the best Cheese steak...but a cheese steak tour sounds like fun!

  6. love your list! i have a few too: run a half marathon, bike the seattle to portland (205 miles in one day), and ummmm... that's all i can think of. i'm feeling the need for a blog post for a 30 by 30!! (two more years. yikes)

  7. I would like to help/partake in the following: cheese steak hunt, you can borrow my ice cream maker (or is that cheating?), love the idea of the tea party, I'm in! I know one thing that's on my list you may want to consider is to make a quilt; maybe putting together one for each kid with photos and memorable fabrics.

  8. Oooh, yes I so want to do a quilt! And you're welcome to join me on the others ;)

  9. I love this list! We are both actually working on one of the things on my list - learning sign language :)

  10. What a great bucket list! I need to star one of those.


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